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How to make a bird?

Tamara Kovalenko
Tamara Kovalenko
March 28, 2013
How to make a bird?

In every home there are many little things: ribbons, beads, strings, feathers, beads, etc. The list is endless. From all of this you can make different toys.

Bird - a symbol of happiness

The symbol of family happiness is a bird. Spring was greeted with it, clay birds whistles drove away the evil spirits.

How to make a bird yourself? A small bird, which is very easy to manufacture, can be sewn together with children. This requires very little:

  • brightly colored fabric: felt, fleece, flannel and the like,
  • thread to match
  • buttons, beads, etc. for decoration.

First you need to transfer the pattern to the fabric.

Details can be cut from monophonic or colored fabrics:

From the remnants of the fabric, you can make another bird. Then sew the wings. If the fabric is loose, then it is better to make a pattern of four wing details and sew them in pairs. Then twist and sew:

After that, you need to fold the sides of the front side inside and sew from the inside out of the beak to the top of the tail:

On the seamy side, you should sew the bird's tummy on one side first and then on the other.

Unscrew the fabric through the non-sewn tail, squeeze the spout out with a pencil or a needle from the inside.

Next tightly stuff the bird, you can padding. To the bird smelled nicely, you can fill it with fragrant grass, or add a pinch of cinnamon, a few drops of essential oil.

To sew up the tail of small birds with secret stitches. Eyes can stick or sew small buttons. Or flash the needle with a thread. To do this, enter the needle in the place where the eye should be, making several stitches to make the eye. Then pierce the bird's head, move to the other eye.

Will this bird be loved by children, will it decorate the home of friends, or will it become a talisman, you decide.

Panel with a bird

Another option is how to make a bird yourself. This will be a red bird on the panel:

Or a parrot:

To do this, you must take the containers of chocolate eggs and disposable shoe covers. Using glue or wire to connect them. Beak and tummy should be wrapped with corrugated paper, then stick the feathers on the paper. Feathers and down can be bought, get out of the pillow and painted in the color that you like. Eyes can be made from pieces of paper and beads.On a neck to a parrot it is possible to tie a beautiful bow.

At the cottage, you can create a beautiful view, thinking how you can make birds or several different large birds:

Showing imagination you can make wonderful toys. Joint work, especially with children very much unites the family!


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