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How to make a hanger for clothes from improvised means

You will need
  • - the back of an old chair;
  • - drill;
  • - hook for hangers;
  • - skin;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - tape measure;
  • - pencil;
  • - varnish (options: stain, paint or plastic profile);
  • - wood glue;
  • - croaker 50x10-15 cm;
  • - dry branches with a diameter of 3 cm;
  • - clamp;
  • - in addition: screws and screwdriver.
If you have old unwanted chairs, you can borrow the experience of fashion designer Antonello Fuse. Measure the top of the backrest to the desired height and make a neat cut with a hacksaw. In the middle of a self-made hanger, reinforce the metal hook from the old hangers for clothes or buy a new one in the hardware store.
Thoroughly clean the bottom cut of the workpiece with emery paper - first with a larger grain, then finishing sandpaper No. 1000. Cover the treated wood with clear varnish or paint to match the former chair. You can pick up in the building department a plastic profile of a suitable size and color and put it on the carpenter's glue.Now the new coat hanger will not scratch the fabric.
Please note that the form of the hanger will directly depend on the shape of the back of the chair. Models with slats mounted horizontally can be used for outerwear and trousers. If the chair had vertical bars, the new device would fit to store men's ties, belts, scarves and scarves. The style of the old furniture will also affect the design of the new accessory. So, twisted wooden chairs will turn into a hanger in retro style, and universal straight backs are suitable for any interior.
If after the repair you still have carpentry waste, you can make a stylish hanger for the hall in a “rustic” style (country). For the basics of crafts you will need a croaker (side of the log). The optimal size is 50 cm in length and 10-15 in width. For clamps, pick up dry branches with a diameter of 3 cm and cut them along the length of 7 cm.
Attach the clamps to the base in random order, pressing them on with glue. To do this, sand the workpieces and remove any dirt from the surfaces to be glued. Wash the wood with a cotton swab and acetone and allow to dry completely.

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