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How to make a railroad?

If you conceived with your child to make a toy with your own hands, then try to build your own railway. Kids love toys with lots of details. Collected together with an adult railway can be a favorite toy. For the manufacture will need very few items that are found in any home. And in the end you get a unique and bright thing that will delight your child and remind you of the time spent with you. If you do not know how to make the railway yourself, but you want to try, then it's time to learn.

Tools and materials

  • Thick cardboard sheets
  • Ruler
  • Simple pencil
  • Paper scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • PVA glue
  • Acrylic paints

Step-by-step instruction

There are several ways to make a toy railway, but it’s best to start with the simplest.

  • Determine the approximate size of the future railway. The length of the rails will depend on it. Rails need to cut out of cardboard. You can use the boxes from shoes, furniture or appliances.Lay out a piece of cardboard on the floor and draw stripes of the chosen length on it. Surely, your railway will have bends, so you will need not only straight, but also curved strips for turns. Thus, you can make a ring road, play with which is much more interesting.
  • Future rails paint gray paint, as it is most similar to metal. Choose acrylic paints, as they are not washed off the surface of the paper.
  • Prepare sleepers. To do this, cut a sufficient number of small strips of cardboard. At both ends of the sleepers you need to mark the points where the rails will be laid. Sleepers are best covered with brown or reddish paint, as they are made of wood.
  • Put the painted rail blanks in the correct order and turn them upside down. On this side you need to glue the prepared sleepers at the same distance from each other.
  • Now is the time to go to the manufacture of the train. For cars and locomotive, it is most convenient to use small cardboard boxes of juice or milk. If there are no such boxes, then you can glue them together from pieces of cardboard yourself.For the locomotive, you need two boxes that need to be glued together so that one box is located vertically and the other is horizontal.
  • The locomotive and the cars are usually painted in the same color, but you can use any colors and patterns to your taste. After the paint dries, do not forget to paint the windows.
  • The colored wheels should be glued to the cars, and the cars themselves should be connected to each other with strips of cardboard. Now the composition is ready for placement on the railway.
  • To make the toy even more interesting, make a station or several stations from a cardboard box. They can be realistic paint colors. From the remnants of cardboard, you can cut out the silhouettes of people, trees, houses, roadside posts and paint them with felt-tip pens and paints.

How to assign roles

Now you know how to make a railway with a child. Let him actively participate in the process. A child can be trusted with coloring parts and gluing parts of the railway together. And all operations with scissors and stationery knife should be done by yourself so that the child does not cut himself.If you want to entrust the child to cut out some of the details, then give him scissors with rounded ends, designed for small children.


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