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How to make a shuriken out of paper?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
August 15, 2012
How to make a shuriken out of paper?

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How to make a shuriken out of paper?

Shuriken is an ancient ninja weapon with which they silently killed their enemies, and translation from Japanese means “a blade hidden in their hands”. The ancient warriors used it as a throwing weapon, and along with the sword successfully used in battles.

Today, shurikens are available and can be purchased as a souvenir or you can try to make it yourself using paper. Even made out of paper, on impact, they can leave tangible impressions.

In the art of origami, the shuriken model is considered a classic. Outwardly, the shuriken looks like a star, and apparently its beautiful shape very much attracts children who love to play with paper imitations. Throwing it, you can compete in the range of his flight, or to observe how he flies far away from hitting his finger with a folded fist. It is easy to make, and after making a shuriken for your child, you can later play with it.

How to make a shuriken out of paper: instructions

Shuriken is made from square sheets of paper.

To get a beautiful two-color "star", you can use two sheets of paper, the size of the same, but different in color.

  1. We take the first sheet and fold it in half, we get a rectangle. Expand it. Bend the upper and lower corners inward towards the fold line. Fold the sheet again in half.
  2. Take the upper left corner and bend down to the bottom line of the rectangle. Do the same with the upper right corner, but bend upwards.
  3. Bend the corners symmetrically to each other: left up and right down. We got 2 triangles, turned in opposite directions.
  4. The second sheet of paper is folded in the same way, only bending the corners is necessary in the opposite direction of the already made model. We have a symmetrical mirror 2 parts of the future "asterisk".
  5. Next, you need to combine both parts, overlapping each other. Then insert the corners of the first part into the pockets of the second. Flip the shuriken, insert the corners of the second part into the pockets first.

Our "star" is ready. Of course, this is not a ninja military weapon, but your children will play with it with pleasure.


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