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How to make a stove for the garage

You will need
  • - old milk can on 40 l;
  • - chisel;
  • - pipe with flyugarka;
  • - steel wire;
  • - steel pipes;
  • - welding machine;
  • - steel strip 2 cm thick;
  • - felt.
Take a can and cut through the gap just below its neck. This gap is necessary for blew. You can cut through it with a chisel.
Cut a hole in the bottom of the can for the nozzle.
Make a serpentine grate Take a steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm. Bend it and push inside the future potbelly stove through the neck. Stretch the wire to the desired size.
Take a half inch steel pipe and bend it according to the diameter of the can. Equipstoveon each side rings-support. Straighten the ends of the pipes to get the legs of the stove.
Secure the support rings with a retainer made from a steel plate.
Make a pre-furnace sheet. In order to prevent the floor from igniting, a pre-furnace sheet must be attached before the stove.Take a sheet of roofing steel and cut from it the workpiece 500x700 mm. Paint the workpiece with oil paint on both sides and dry well. Make a clay solution. Take a felt, soak it in a solution and dry well. Lay the felt under the furnace firebox. Put a steel blank on it. Attach to the floor with nails or screws.

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