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How to make a yo-yo?

Yo-yo is a toy that won the hearts of millions. Most, of course, would not mind to master the subtleties of the game with the yo-yo, but too high prices for a toy sometimes stop wishing. It is understandable, given that today there are even professional yoyera, then toys are also produced using all the latest technologies and developments, allowing to improve the technical characteristics of the yo-yo. Of course, you can always ignore the large store and buy the simplest yo-yo on the market. However, why not think about this option, how to make a yo-yo at home by yourself and save? As already mentioned in the preface, for making yo-yo, we need a pair of empty cans. In addition, you should stock up with an ordinary pencil, rope, scissors, knife and liquid nails.

Toy yo-yo: do it yourself

First, take the cooked jars and carefully wash them under water. After that, having measured about a centimeter from the top of the jar, we will make a puncture at this level with scissors, after which we will precisely cut the jar along the contour.As a result, we get a neat "bowl", 1 centimeter high. It is best to use a jar that has not yet been opened by removing the contents with a small slot. However, if the bank has already been opened, then take care to bend back the holes to open the drink. Otherwise, our liquid nails will flow out of the hole.

Now we take a pencil and, of course, a knife. Measure out a three-centimeter cut from the edge opposite to the tip of the pencil and cut it off with a knife. Apply to the both ends of the obtained segment the segments of the cans with the inner side. The resulting gap between the edges of the cans should be no more than a centimeter. If the gap is larger, then we cut the pencil to the desired size.

The next step will be to fix the pencil - the yo-yo axis, and the lids of the cans. This is where liquid nails come in handy. Having inserted our piece of a pencil exactly in the center of the lid of the can, pour it with liquid nails or glue. Do not forget that the quality of the yo-yo is largely determined by its severity, so do not feel sorry for the glue. Otherwise, the toy will be too light and will not return to the hand.

It will be important to make the inside of our yo-yo safe for the rope.To do this, gently bend the inside edge of the jar and walk over it with a file. When everything is ready, you can tie the rope itself to the axis. To do this, take a meter-long string, one end of which is tied to the axis (pencil), and on the second we make a loop. During the game, the loop is put on the finger. The result of our work was quite a quality toy. A little training and fantasy is enough and you can make your own yo yo not only suitable for stunts, but also superior store toys in both quality and design.

Glowing yo-yo: do it yourself

Having learned to do the simplest toys yo-yo, you can move on to more difficult tasks. For example, make a glowing yo-yo. This toy looks more attractive and allows you to make a spectacular show of the process of playing in the dark. In addition, there are a number of original yo-yos. How to make a yo-yo, video from the Internet will tell a lot more than a simple article. Good luck!


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