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How to make an injection to a dog?

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How to make an injection to a dog?

For one reason or another, many dog ​​owners have to give their own sick pets injections. Sometimes it is necessary to make an anesthetic injection in anticipation of the arrival of a veterinarian, or the owner has no opportunity to visit the clinic five times a day to conduct a course of antibiotic treatment prescribed to his dog. In such cases, there is only one way out - to do the injections yourself. Before telling you in detail how to give an injection to a dog, I would like to give a few general recommendations on this topic.

When you decide to make injections yourself, do not be nervous, try to carry out all the manipulations clearly and calmly. Remember that dogs feel fine the mood of the owner and, if you talk to your pet with tears in his voice and stroke him with shaking hands, nothing good will come of your idea. Therefore, gather strength and do everything without unnecessary emotions, quickly and accurately. Do not carry out preparatory manipulations in the presence of the dog, so as not to irritate the sick animal.Let the dog calmly lie down in his favorite place while you are ready in the other room.

How to make an injection dog

  1. First of all, you need to wash your hands with soap, spread a clean napkin on the table, prepare a vial of medicine, a syringe, cotton wool and a bottle of alcohol. Next, open the packaging of the syringe and, while not removing the protective cap from the sterile needle, lay it on a napkin.
  2. We take the ampoule, once again check the inscription on it, in order to make sure that this medicine is what we need, then shake it slightly in order for the whole medicine to drop down. If this does not happen, slightly click the nail on the neck, then its contents will flow to the bottom, and you can open the ampoule. In the most up-to-date packages, a special dot or line is applied to the neck, when pressed, the ampoule is easily opened. Ampoules made in the old fashioned way, you must first file a neck in its narrow part - usually a special cardboard file is attached to the medicine box, but the code is not there, the notch can be made with a nail file or a small file. Lightly moisten the cotton wool with alcohol, wrap the neck of the ampoule with it and with a sharp movement break off the neck.
  3. Remove the protective cap from the needle, lower it into the ampoule and with the piston type the necessary dose of medication (sometimes not the whole ampoule is needed, but only a part of it, do not forget about it!). Turn the syringe with the needle up and with a slow, smooth pressure of the piston, remove air bubbles from it until the first drop of medication appears on the needle tip. Now close the needle with the cap and place the loaded syringe on the napkin. At this preparatory stage is over, it's time to go for the four-legged patient.

How to make a subcutaneous injection

  • The injection should be done at the withers (scruff) of the dog, i.e. that place where the neck passes into the back. When choosing a place, “aim” better a little lower, since the injections in the neck are more painful and their places can become inflamed if the dog wears a collar.
  • We treat the injection site with alcohol. With our left hand, we grab and retract the thick fold of skin, which in this place is very mobile. With a short, short movement, we insert a needle into its base and squeeze the medicine, apply a cotton wool with alcohol to the injection site, remove the needle, and massage the injection site with alcohol.

How to inject a dog intramuscularly

  • We make an injection in the upper outer part of the hind paw - in the femoral muscle (according to the folk - in the leg).
  • Treat the place with alcohol and insert the needle into two thirds of its length, perpendicular to the skin of the animal. In small dogs, insert the needle to a smaller length, so as not to damage their foot. If we feel that the needle has rested against the hard - this is a bone! Gently pull the needle back a little. We are looking to see if the medicine is not pink in the syringe, if so, then the needle has fallen into the vessel, which means it will have to be pricked again. If everything is done correctly, slowly pour in the medicine, remove the needle, massage the site with a cotton swab with alcohol and treat the patient with something tasty for his patience.

If you are still unsure of your abilities and do not know how to give an injection to a dog, video tutorials that can be easily found on the Internet will help you master these skills necessary for each dog owner.


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