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How to make DVDRip?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 20, 2013
How to make DVDRip?

Many people know what DVDRip is. How to make DVDRip, tell our article.

To do this, you can use several programs, for example FlaskMpeg, DVD Decryprer or AutoGordianKnot. We will look at the last one.

First you need to download and install this program. Now we run Auto Gordian Knot and see a window with 4 stages.

File selection

  • Select the source file. Here you need to select the navigation file chapter, which contains the main part of the film. It has the .IFO extension. After that you will see a line with information about the video stream of this chapter. Now you need to choose a name for your avi-file to be received, and the path to save it.
  • In the window with the name “Audio track” you need to specify which of the audio tracks of the source disc you want to use when creating the file. It is best to choose one good quality audio track (for example, 5.1 sound). But you can choose 2 or more audio tracks.
  • But in the “Subtitle track” window, nothing needs to be edited. It is better to convert a movie without subtitles, because not all DVD players are able to display such subtitles.

Desired size

  • Now you need to specify the desired file size. It is best to specify a sufficiently large size so that the quality of audio and video in the resulting file is good. Splitting a large file into several is also not worth it, because it is more convenient to store a movie on a hard disk than on a CD or DVD.
  • If you convert a short film (15 or 20 minutes), you must first calculate how to make a DVDRip of the required volume and specify it in the intended line of this program.

Additional settings

Now you need to click on the button "Advanced Settings". In the section called “Output resolution settings” you need to specify the required horizontal resolution of the image. It is best to set the maximum, that is, 720 pixels. In the section called “Codec”, the default will be “Xvid”, we will not change it, since this codec is free and is included in the distribution kit of this program. In the section titled “Output audio type,” it is recommended to select the original audio track by pressing “Original”, without compressing it into the .mp3 format. Well, in the section called “Subtitle options” you need to leave as it is both of its items. Now you need to press the "OK" button.

Advanced settings can be changed by pressing the key combination "Ctrl" + "F9". But without special reasons, this is not necessary.

After passing all the above steps, you must click the button labeled "Add Job". In the “Job queue” window, which is located below, you will see the path and name of your file. Now you can press "Start".

Now you know how to create a DVDRip!


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