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How to make balls of a figure?

Sometimes, the dullness of everyday life is very hard and annoying. The question arises, how to raise your spirits, return a positive and healthy tone, what can be done to make the soul rest and your heart filled with joy? In fact, there are a lot of pleasant things in life, it is just necessary to use your imagination more often in order not to go through life evenly, but to constantly receive various emotions. Moreover, the calendar has a sufficient number of holidays, during the preparation of which you can pleasantly surprise loved ones. For example, each child has great delight at the sight of colorful and large balloons. And have you ever seen how delighted the simple ball the little donkey Ea from the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh"? Lately you can give balls not only one by one, but you can make various figures from them. First you need to learn how to make figures from balls.

Principles of working with balls

The figures of the balls to do quite easily, to cope with this can almost everyone.And the figures themselves look very colorful, bright and spectacular. To do this, you need to get acquainted with some tips, how to make shapes from balls. The balloon-sausage should not be inflated completely, leaving a tail about 15–20 centimeters. Twist the loops need only in one direction, and you need to start twisting with a knot. The ball is twisted around its axis, usually 2-3 times.

For example, you want to twist a doggie out of a ball, which is quite popular among inflatable figures. Inflate the sausage need not until the end, tie into a bundle. After curling three bubbles, two of which are connected by twisting. Well, ears and head are ready. Leaving a few centimeters for the neck, then you should twist the front legs, following the example of the ears and head. Then the body is left untouched and goes to the legs. It is not hard. Knowing how to twist a dog, you can make variations on the theme. For example, a giraffe's neck will be longer, etc.

Making Christmas figures from balls

The figures from the balls in the New Year look very impressive as decorations. It is enough to twist a few Christmas trees, snowflakes, flowers. For a flower, for example, you need to take a green ball for a stem, inflated not fully by 5 centimeters, then twist it into a figure eight. So stems are obtained.The remaining not inflated tail is twisted so that it remains twisted. After that, you can do the flower itself. Take, for example, a red sausage. Connect the inflated ball into a ring, then twist it in half, after each half, again in half, depending on the desired number of petals. At the end you need to connect these two balls.

Difficult figures from spheres

After you have learned how to make simple figures from balloons, you can proceed to complex compositions. On the Internet, there are various educational videos. The figures of the balls can be done on them. In them the most different masters in detail and step by step explain how to create this or that composition. Believe me, complex figures can cause tremendous delight in the person to whom you dedicate them or for whom you will make. This will be a very original gift.

The most complex compositions of balloons are those that use more than 50 balloons. In these masterpieces are used not only sausages, but also all other types of inflatable joy.


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