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How to make holes on jeans?

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How to make holes on jeans?

You can make the most ordinary jeans look more stylish and bright. One of the ways in which you can update a boring thing without spending extra money is to make holes in jeans. Most of all for this business fit jeans made of thick fabric.

But what holes to make on jeans, everyone decides for himself. After all, holes can be made both in front and behind. Fully riddled jeans look very sexy - for this you can cut through the entire front panel with each leg. Behind usually make holes right under the buttocks. You can make a small neat hole in the form of a heart or a tear in the shape of a geometric figure.

How to make holes on your own jeans: ways

Holes can be made on old jeans with any piercing-cutting object. For this fit scissors, a sharp knife, an awl, or a regular needle. It is necessary to start with small holes, which then can be optionally enlarged. You can expand the hole area not only with a knife, but also with a nail file, a comb-comb, or anything that comes under your arm.

Blade or needle?

If there is a large amount of patience, then you can make beautiful holes on jeans with an ordinary big needle (“gypsy”). For this you need one or a couple of threads.Holes in jeanspull out of the leg, while removing the longitudinal thread, as the cross is thicker and stronger. But this is quite a laborious process, one might say, a jewelry one.

Therefore, it is best to get more and blade. With the help of the blade, small cuts are made - then the process goes much faster. After the cutting of the holes in the legs, you can treat their edges with white or any other bleach - so the jeans will look more stylish. To the edges purchased fringe, jeans must also be washed manually or in a typewriter.

Sandpaper, pumice and other

In addition to traditional teething pants with scissors or a knife, you can find a lot of non-standard or more precisely creative tips on the net. Some innovatorsHoles in jeanssuggest to use sandpaper, pumice stone or an iron stiff brush to wipe a hole in the leg.

But in this case, the result does not always meet the expectations, and it is necessary to apply quite a lot of efforts and, consequently, spend a lot of time. But if suddenly there was a failure and the hole turned out to be ugly, then you can correct the situation.In our article How to make a patch you can find tips to help decorate a place with an ugly hole.

How to make art holes on jeans

It’s not always that the owner of jeans wants the holes on them to be shapeless. Sometimes you want to make a hole in the form of some figures, for example, stars and hearts. These are the so-called "artistic" holes. How to make them?

To cut an art hole in the trouser leg of the jeans, it is first necessary to determine its shape. If a heart is chosen, it is best to make a piece on which the incision will be made. After the template is selected andHoles in jeansit is made, it is necessary to attach it to a trouser-leg in a desirable place and to outline with a piece of chalk or a simple pencil. So, the place of the future hole is indicated, now it is necessary to “make it up”.

For cutting it is best to use a sharp stationery knife or scalpel. The usual knife, most likely, will not work, as it is not sharp enough and will not give the desired effect. In the pant leg, you need to shove a piece of plywood or plank so that when cutting through, do not damage it through from both sides. After all the described manipulations, you can finally begin to cut.If the hole was in the wrong place, then it can be repaired using the tips from our article How to sew a hole.

Edge art hole edges

After the desired shape of the hole is obtained, it is necessary to fix its edges. This is necessary so that the hole cut by the pattern after the first wash of the pants does not lose its shape, since the threads simply fall out and the former heart turns into a regular shapeless hole.

How to fix the edges? To do this, take a needle with thread and sheath them simpleHoles in jeanssmall seam (not only over the edge, but along it). If the edges of the art hole to fix, they will remain even, will not be twitching. The thread can be taken to match the jeans and contrast. But if you choose a bright shade of thread, then the seam must also be done carefully, as it will become part of the decor of the pants. You can also fix the edges of the hole, if you glue them with interlining.

On this same page you will find videos and photos of how to make holes on jeans.


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