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How to make hot wraps

Clean with peeling or scrub the skin, you can make a light massage. Use for this means, containing extracts of seaweed, sea salt, as well as an excellent home remedy - coffee grounds.
Finely chop all the ingredients that will be used when wrapping. The consistency of the mixture obtained must be uniform so as not to injure the skin during the procedure.
Apply the mixture in a thick or thin layer to the problem areas (the thickness of the layer depends on the recipe used). Apply the mixture hot, but the temperature should be acceptable to the body, otherwise you can get a serious burn.
Wrap the treated areas of the body with cling film and warm from above. Put on leggings or take cover with a quilt - it all depends on what places you are processing.
After the procedure, carefully remove the film, and remove the remaining composition with a napkin.
For the final cleansing of the skin from the mixture, take a shower or bath with sea salt. After that, be sure to lubricate the body with anti-cellulite cream.
AfterwrapsRefrain from eating food for two hours, you should also not sunbathe for at least 6 hours after the procedure, and try not to go out in the winter season for at least two hours.

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