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How to make money on torrents?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 2, 2013
How to make money on torrents?

For today, the main source of income for many people is the Internet. There are many ways to make money online and one of them is to earn money on a torrent tracker. However, not many people understand how to make money on torrents, but, nevertheless, this is quite a good means for making a profit.

We trade accounts

Everyone knows that the torrent has a rating system. And according to it, priorities are distributed among network users. For example, users who have a high rating due to the distribution of large amounts of information have the privileges in the number of files uploaded per day and download speed. But not everyone has the desire and time to distribute files. As a result, you can create accounts and specifically increase the constant distribution of their rating, and then put up advanced and developed accounts for sale. However, not everything is so easy to get a decent rating, and then sell your account,it is necessary to create high-quality distributions, arrange them correctly, and keep the computer on regularly.

We earn with the help of file hosting

You can earn money on a torrent using file sharing services on which you should upload files from torrents. In some file hosting services there are affiliate programs, thanks to which the user is paid money to download a published file. For such earnings, you need to register on the tracker and download the most interesting and popular distributions. After that, you need to register on the file hosting service, and familiarize yourself with the terms of its affiliate program. Then you need to upload files downloaded from the torrent to the file sharing service and start distributing their links to the network.

Sell ​​invites

If you managed to register on a closed tracker, then you can sell invites to it. You can make good money on a promising and relevant tracker, because they have many people who want to access exclusive information. Now you know how to make money on torrents, and by all means take advantage of this opportunity, it’s not difficult, and a decent amount can be collected.


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