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How to make napkins?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 15, 2013
How to make napkins?

Linen napkins are an indispensable attribute of the kitchen and table setting. Often they are used as decoration and as an element of decoration. The original napkin can be put on a coffee table or under a refined vase. It is not difficult to buy napkins in the store, but you can make it much more pleasant to sew it yourself. However, not everyone knows how to make napkins, and give it originality, and this is not very difficult and power for everyone. Napkins can be monophonic white, and color. As a rule, white napkins are used for special celebrations. While napkins with fringe and colored napkins, used for serving tea, desserts, coffee. For an ordinary meal used chopped napkins.

We make napkins

Functional and beautiful kitchen napkins can be made from checkered cotton or linen fabric. For the tablecloth, it is better to pick up a plain fabric in the store, while for napkins you should buy a fabric in a contrasting cage that will fit well in color. To sew fabric 6 napkins, you need half a meter of material.It is necessary to cut the squares of 25x25 cm, hem them on a sewing machine, wrapping each edge 0.5 cm. That's all, the napkins are ready!

Such napkins can be sewn from a single-colored fabric of any color, the main thing is that it is in harmony with the color of the tablecloth. However, a one-colored napkin will look much more elegant if each of its edges is sheathed with cotton lace. Only you should choose lace from natural material - cotton or flax, as the napkins will have to be washed at high temperatures. If you do not like lace, then you can simply bend and hem the edges with threads to match the material. And in order to make them look more elegant, on one of the corners you can embroider with a few colored flowers with leaves or the initials of family members for embroidery with colored threads for embroidery.

Cloths with hemstones

Napkins for serving the table can be embroidered using the hairstyle technique - an elegant and beautiful view of the decorative design of the fabric. This openwork embroidery on the threads of the fabric is obtained after pulling out several neighboring threads, which are subsequently assembled into various patterns with colored threads. Sampling is done according to certain schemes that can be found on the Internet or in special journals.The edges of such napkins can do without hemming, you can simply cut them straight and pull the threads out of them so that the 1.5 cm long fringe comes out. Now you know how to make a napkin with your own hands, and you can surprise your guests and relatives with an elegant table setting on all occasions, and many will ask you for help in creating napkins for your home.


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