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How to make sleep?

Many parents have to face a situation where their children do not want to go to bed under any pretext. How to make them calmly and without whims go to bed? This will be discussed in our article.

Another problem - the short duration of sleep - will help to cope with the material from our article How to sleep longer.

How to make a child sleep

There are two options for how to make the child go to bed. The first is forced, threatening him with punishment, and the second is voluntary, when the baby himself goes to bed with pleasure. It is desirable to use the second option in practice.

Method one - the obligatory evening ritual

Children must have a daily evening bedtime ritual. They cannot, like adults, go to bed just because the time is right for this. The child needs to tune in to change activities and make a smooth transition from games to sleep. In no case it is impossible to do this sharply; To prevent this from happening, you need to make this ritual enjoyable and desirable for him.


A warm bath will help you to relax. However, it is not necessary to reduce everything to the usual washing.You can intrigue a child by inviting him to go sailing on a ship in search of good dreams before going to bed. What child refuses to play a little more, but with the mood for the next action.


Another proven method of quiet transition from active to passive activity over the years is reading books before going to bed. Good old fairy tales will suit just the little ones; older children will tell stories about cowboys, adventures, pirates, treasures or castles with sharpened princesses and brave knights. Only you need to read slowly, allowing the child to plunge into the world of fantasy.


If you need to read in the light, then you can tell stories in the twilight. Of course, they should not be scary. You can invent them yourself, relying only on your imagination. Since you yourself will be the author of interesting events, you can adjust their course according to the circumstances. Let the child himself tell you what should happen to the characters of your stories. Invent any character and tell about it all you want, attracting the child himself.

Method two - interest the child

We all know from childhood that when they are forced to do something, even against common sense, I want to do the opposite. Therefore, the more you force the child to go to sleep, the more he resists. The way out is to make the desire to go to bed come from the child himself. Explaining to him the benefits of sleep from a scientific point of view is useless, for children should find another argument.

For example, a self-made “force meter” is suitable for boys, which, say, in the morning will record how much they have become stronger during sleep. Girls can be interested in the fact that they, having slept, will become more beautiful, smarter and more capable. In short, every parent knows what his child’s aspiration is and that’s what to focus on.

You can also tell why all people need to sleep and what will happen if this is not done.


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