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How to name a baby?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
March 24, 2015
How to name a baby?

How to name a baby, parents think long before his birth. Some people choose a name in honor of their beloved relatives, others want to name the child by the month of birth, others decide how to name the child after the dates.

In any case, you need to consider that the name forms the character and fate of the child.

How to call a kid on the church calendar

Almost every day of the year, the church honors the memory of some saint. It is believed that if you call a child born by his name, the saint will become his guardian angel and will protect him throughout his life. In the list of saints there are more than 1000 names of various origin. The most popular names for the calendar for boys, whose birthday is in almost every month:

  • Slavic (Ivan, Vyacheslav, Vladimir, Boris, Zakhar, Leo, Tikhomir);
  • Greek (Timofey, Grigory, Anton, Peter, Dmitry, Nikita, Nikolay, Alexander, Leonid, Fedor);
  • Hebrew (Ilya, Daniel, Michael, Jacob, Semen, Benjamin).

The girl can be called one of the following church names:

  • Slavic (Matrona, Agnia, Oksana, Vlada, Daria, Zoryana, Miroslav, Svetlana);
  • Greek (Julia, Anastasia, Eugene, Euphrosyne, Evdokia, Tatiana, Elena, Sofia, Xenia);
  • Jewish (Anna, Maria, Amalia, Ada, Fiona).

Call the baby by date of birth

Astrology is popular since the days of the ancient Maya. Centuries of experience allows us to trace the relationship between the name of the child and the element of nature, which patronizes him according to the date of birth.

  1. The element of fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) - Alexander, Nikolay, Artem, Alice, Galina, Svetlana.
  2. The elements of the earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) - Arthur, Vadim, Matvey, Victoria, Tatiana, Maya.
  3. Element of air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) - Alexey, Vitaly, Oleg, Xenia, Anastasia, Hope.
  4. The element of water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) - Denis, Yuri, Arseny, Lily, Yana, Yulia.

Before you call a baby, you should be familiar with the origin and meaning of each particular name.


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