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How to open barbecue

Find a suitable place for barbecue. It must comply with fire safety requirements and have a utility room with a refrigerating chamber. If you will not use disposable dishes, you must have plumbing.
Look for suppliers of meat or negotiate purchases on the market. Meat should be with documents confirming its quality and safety. Also required will be shipping documents, which will indicate the source of products.
Issue the relevant sanitary and epidemiological documents on the premises and transport. Meat must be transported by car with a sanitary passport. If necessary, purchase or rent a refrigerator car.
Think over the assortment list of related products (bread, sauce, napkins, toothpicks, etc.).
Find good kebabs. Attendance of your establishment will directly depend on them.
Do not forget that service personnel must have sanitary books and must follow the rules of personal hygiene.
Take care of the interior of your institution. Consider the location of the barbecue, bar, tables. Wooden tables and chairs are best for barbecue. Think about the dishes, forks and knives.
Helpful advice
Tasty quality meat, polite staff and cozy atmosphere will always attract visitors.

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