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How to originally wish a happy birthday?

With the approach of the holiday of the girlfriend, the question arises not only about what would be such an interesting gift, but also how originally to wish a happy birthday to your beloved. There is an opinion that it is possible to make an unforgettable surprise for a beloved girl only with the help of significant financial investments. In fact, many women dream of a pleasant evening by candlelight with the usual, prepared by a loved one, dinner. What other options for inexpensive birthday greetings exist?

Cheap birthday surprises

  1. The most banal, but extremely romantic surprise for the birthday, will be a bouquet of flowers, delivered to the work of his beloved, courier. It is the effect of surprise that gives a special charm to such congratulations. In a card enclosed in a bouquet, you should not write too much, only the most important thing. For example, you can write: “You are everything that I could only dream of! Happy Birthday, darling! Any pleasant words from the heart will be appropriate.
  2. Romantic abduction from work or school is perhaps the most original birthday greeting. The essence of congratulations is as follows. You appear on the threshold of the work of your girlfriend with a bouquet of flowers. It is necessary to agree in advance with the girl’s superiors that she will not be at work today, so that there will be no problems after the celebration. Congratulating the girl with a bouquet of flowers, take her to some place that is significant for both of you - be it the place of the first meeting, the first kiss or just a beautiful lawn. It is desirable that by your arrival there was already laid a modest festive table. The main treats are wine and fruit, decorative elements - a bedspread, candles, a basket.
  3. Buy a small gift of a romantic nature and tie it to several helium-filled balloons. If the gift box is small, it will float in the air. You can arrange such a surprise in the door through which the beloved will soon pass - to the kitchen, to the hallway or to work.
  4. Decorate the porch, apartment or tree near the house with hearts of paper with beautiful words addressed to your beloved. Take care that the girl understands that such beauty is your gift to her.

Chic congratulations beloved

Having a lot of financial resources, it is much easier to originally congratulate your girlfriend on his birthday. But here the main thing is not just to buy something very expensive, but to think through every detail of congratulations.

  1. If the girl is an extreme lover, prepare for her an original birthday party. These include skydiving, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning. Be sure to take a bottle of champagne with you, which can be opened after the perfect "extreme".
  2. Buy a huge bouquet of your beloved's favorite flowers. It can be a great addition to any greeting. To really surprise a girl, make her whole room with flowers or balloons inflated with helium.
  3. If a girl loves noisy parties, invite all the friends and relatives whom she would love to see at her party. Think over all the details: menu, decorations, gifts, entertainment. Make this evening unforgettable for her.

Whichever choice of congratulations you choose, the main thing is that it was from the bottom of the heart, then your other half will appreciate it!


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