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How to paint eyes with mascara

It would seem that putting mascara on eyelashes is not great science. However, using the same ink, many girls achieve the cardinally opposite kind of eyelashes.


Desired effect: long eyelashes separated, evenly applied mascara.


Possible result: eyelashes of different lengths, stuck together and with lumps.


It remains to understand how to properly paint the eyes with mascara, so that the effect agrees with the expectations and avoids unpleasant surprises.


The order of application: mascara is applied to the eyelashes as the last stage of makeup. When the shadows are already painted and shaded, eyebrows are tinted and lines of the eye contour are drawn. Because if you start eye makeup with mascara, you can inadvertently decorate the mascara with shadows and crush painted eyelashes.


Method of application. Many experts recommend to powder eyelashes before you begin to paint them with mascara. This will give your lashes a thicker look.


How to paint eyes with mascara - handling mascara


So, everything is ready to apply mascara.Unscrew the mascara, and continue to push along the rotation line until you remove the brush from the tube completely. The spiral of the brush coincides with the direction of movement when unscrewing; if you just pull the mascara off, you leave most of the ink in the tube, because the villi of the ink will simply wring out against the stopper.


That is, twisting in a spiral allows you to leave the right amount of mascara on the brush and not disrupt the structure of the mascara brush itself, namely, the brush often plays an important role in the effect of mascara created by the mascara.


When you again lower the applicator into a tube, this should also be done in a spiral, but in this case, solely for the sake of the preservation of the brush shapes.


How to apply mascara for the eyes - the stages of application



You are in front of a mirror. Lift your head slightly up so that you clearly see yourself in the mirror, but so that the eyelashes do not touch the upper eyelid.


Paint the tips of the eyelashes, moving the ink slightly left and right, so that the eyelashes are well colored and flexed. This is the first layer of mascara - the contour marking, so to speak.


Again, lower the brush into the case to collect the mascara.Now paint the eyelashes from the growth line to the tips. It should start with the outer corners, moving the brush slightly to the sides so that the eyelashes do not stick together.


You do not need to do too many strokes in the same place - this is what gives the effect of spider legs. It is enough just to slowly and carefully paint the cilia from the base to the tips.


How to apply mascara for the eyes - tips



If your eyelashes are rather curved, comb them with a thick eyebrow brush before applying mascara, and an eyelash brush - after.


It is better to paint short eyelashes with lengthening mascara, painting eyelashes at least twice. At the same time eyelashes should be separated as it should be when dyeing, or after dyeing.


Rare eyelashes also should be colored twice, dividing the hairs. Mascara is better for them to use bulk.


It is important to know


Mascara should be fresh. Do not store mascara for more than four months after first opening.


Mascara must be of high quality. Cheap mascara will never allow you to achieve the desired effect.


Do not mix the mascara with other carcasses, do not dip the brush in other tubes of the ink - the restraints of someone else's tube can crush the brush.


Mascara is drawn on the brush itself. You do not need to do reciprocating movements, you can simply crush all the villi of the brush.


Eyelash Care


Take care of your eyelashes, so you always have - what to paint. For this, never go to bed without removing makeup.


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