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How to paint over gray hair?

Many women who have reached a certain age line, confirming the truth that youth is not eternal, have to find an effective way to paint over gray hair. But, unfortunately, gray hair is not the only sign of aging hair. In addition to discoloration, aging hair becomes less elastic and resilient, becoming tougher.

Do you go black early? Dont be upset

By the way, the appearance of gray hair after a certain age line can be perceived as a due event. But many ladies and men face such a phenomenon as gray hair and at an early age. It is clear that such a cosmetic defect is unlikely to please anyone. And therefore it is necessary to look for an effective remedy for gray hair for both young and aged people. The simplest and most effective means of gray hair hair dyes. Giving the necessary shade of gray hair is not so simple. In order to get a uniform color, it is necessary to practice little tricks.

Dyeing of gray hair only then will pass on "excellent" if you take into account the intensity and degree of their pigmentation.Before you buy shampoo from gray hair or other expensive miracle means to combat this phenomenon, decide on the intensity of graying in order to choose the technology and method of applying paint.

In that case, if gray hair appeared at an early age, or if you notice separately gray hairs, then the issue of coloring is solved simply. Choose a dye of natural warm tones that will be slightly lighter in color than a natural hair color.

Light gray perfectly painted over with highlighting. This procedure helps not only to mask individual graying hairs, but also to visually make your image younger.

How to get rid of high intensity gray hair

In that case, if the hair, which has not lost its natural color, and gray hairs are approximately equal, then dyeing will have to be carried out in two stages. First you need to discolor the hair and only then apply a hair dye on them, before carefully studying the instructions for use.

The hair has turned white completely. What to do

In such a situation, one cannot do without a special approach. To begin with, give your hair softness by applying means for blonding.This choice of paint will help you completely hide the natural flaw. Before you begin to paint over gray hair, you need to revise the many colors of colors. For example, bright and saturated tones very soon after painting will be able to give your secret to others. Give preference to colors of calm tones, which in color will be as close as possible to your natural color.

We paint the gray hair in the old proven way

Our grandmothers and mothers knew how to paint over gray hair and used effective and inexpensive means. Natural paints were and remain such means. This is henna and basma. They can cause at times less damage to your hair. But their use has some peculiarities. It is noticed that after the first procedure of dyeing with such dyes, gray hair will not be colored clearly and will turn brown or yellowish. Repainting will help completely mask the gray hair.

Do not forget that the process of hair coloring is quite time-consuming. Especially if you are the owner of thick hair. Ask for services to professional hairdressers.A good master can offer you a haircut that will change your image and beat gray hair, saving you from the need for a not always pleasant coloring procedure.


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