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How to paint the walls?

Are you oppressed by the monotonous dull and faded walls of your apartment or house? Then this article is for you, we will tell you how to paint the walls in your apartment, and what you need for this.

Painting tools

How to paint the walls? So, let's start with the most important thing, to paint the walls in the apartment you need certain tools, such as: brushes, a basin for filtering paint and roller.

There are several types of rollers: foam, sheepskin, mohair. The choice of your roller depends on the paint you are going to use, but a velor roller is best for painting walls. To apply paint on a wide surface such as a wall, you will need wide brushes and a roller.

Before painting the walls, you should prepare the tools for work, namely, roll the roller in the paint over the surface of the basin to filter the paint, this procedure will help you evenly apply paint to the roller.

The next stage in the painting of walls is the choice of paint. First, the paint should be aesthetically pleasing to the interior of your apartment, as each color produces its own specific effect. Secondly, you must choose the type of paint.It is best to paint the walls with water-based paints, as they are not toxic. These paints can be painted stone, concrete and wooden surfaces.

Surface preparation

After selecting tools and paint, you should prepare your walls for painting.

  • First, you must achieve a certain temperature in the apartment, for painting walls, the temperature must be above + 5 ° C, and the humidity of the air is less than 80%.
  • Secondly, all surfaces must be plastered. Try to make the wall smooth, using plaster with a smaller grain.
  • Thirdly, thoroughly wash the walls from dirty and greasy stains and dry well.

If you are going to repaint your walls, then make sure that there are no traces of the old paint in order to prevent mixing of paints and damage the colors of your walls.

How to paint the walls: technology

  • How beautiful to paint the walls and what is needed for this? Let's start with the paint application tool. To paint the walls, you'd better choose a velor roller, since this roller has a more careful distribution of paint on the wall and better color reproduction.
  • Then you can begin to paint the walls.Paint is desirable to stir before use. The first coat of paint will be considered the so-called primer, and the second will already fix the color.
  • Start painting from the wall on which the window or door openings are located. Using the masking tape, set the borders of the painting, it will help you to put paint on the edges evenly and you will avoid accidental staining of areas you do not need. Particular attention should be paid to the various bends of the wall in the area of ​​the window and ceiling. Those areas that you could not paint over with a roller, paint with a brush.
  • Paint the surface in an even and thin layer, after painting let the paint dry. If you use water-based paint, it will take about two hours for it to completely dry.
  • Remember that each layer should have time to dry before you apply the next, otherwise you will smear the previous layer, which will reduce all your efforts to nothing.
  • Do not forget that you should paint from top to bottom, so that you get a W-shaped pattern. If you paint only vertically, ugly traces will inevitably appear on your wall.After you have painted the walls without waiting for the paint to dry, pay attention to the various smudges and shortcomings, in this state they can be easily removed with an ordinary wet cloth.

How to paint the walls in the bathroom

The technology of painting in the bathroom is practically no different. The only difference is the paint you put on. already prepared and primed with putty for wet rooms, walls. You will also need special fungicidal compositions for impregnating the walls of the bathroom before painting, in order to achieve the complete elimination of various types of mold and other formations in the bathrooms. For rooms with high humidity, it is advised to use a variety of waterproof and water-repellent paints. You can find a large selection of these paints in any hardware store.


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