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How to pay a loan through an ATM

You will need
  • - ATM;
  • - bank card;
  • - cash or a positive balance on another account in the same bank.
Insert card intoATM, enter PIN and choose cash deposit option. Then ifATMoffer a choice between your different accounts, stop at thecreditNomu product.
Depending on the typeATMThere are two possible scenarios: 1. In this case, the device will offer you to insert cash into the bill acceptor in a pile or one by one. At the end of the acceptance and recognition of money from you will need to confirm the amount and give a command to transfer funds. This usually happens instantly. IfATMaccepts money invested in an envelope, you need to take it and fill it with cash, enter the amount you are entering from the keyboard, and insert the envelope into the hole intended for it. Waiting for verification and crediting the amount to the account may take up to 3 banking days.
If you want to transfer money usingATMand from one account to another, after entering the PIN, select the option to transfer between your accounts. Then find the account from which you withdraw money, and replenished, tied tocreditNomu product. Enter the amount and give the transaction command.
In all cases, keep the check confirming the transaction, not only until the funds have been confirmed, but also another three years in case of disputable situations.

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