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How to play the accordion?

Today we will discuss an amazing and unusual tool for many nations. We will try to tell you about the basics of playing the accordion. We hope that the above materials, dear reader, will be useful for you in the development of this difficult tool. So:

How to play the accordion: general moments

In order to better understand the scheme of playing the accordion, you need to imagine how this instrument sounds. The bayan has two sets of keys for the right and left hand, respectively. Each of the hands is responsible for one or another party of the work. In addition to using fingers and hands, the accordion player must be able to combine and coordinate the movement of the hands towards each other and in the other direction. Only with proper performance of these three actions, you can extract the sound from the accordion. It should be noted that the bayan player must have a very developed musculature not only of the arms, but also of the whole body, since this instrument is very heavy. When performing a work while standing, you need to have the strength not only to hold the instrument in one position, but also to perform a complex technique of movements when playing. It is these factors that frighten beginners accordionists.

How to learn to play the accordion? Learning to play the accordion should begin sitting. It is in a sitting position that you do not have to waste your energy on holding the tool. The left keyboard of the accordion is a petite set of keys with ready-made chords. Therefore, it is the left keyboard and the left hand that plays the part supporting or determining the tonality of the composition. The right keyboard has a three-, four-, or five-row structure and is designed to play individual notes. Well, the third attribute of the game on the accordion is the effective use of the fur chamber. The sound is made by passing air through the tongues in the voice plate through the fur chamber. Thus, the scheme of the bayan player in general looks like this:

  • The left hand selects the key and chord of the sound, that is, is the accompanying main melody.
  • The right hand supports the main melody included in the overall harmonic structure of the piece.
  • Well, the interaction of both hands in compression and decompression of the bellows produces the necessary, and indeed, any sound. Here's how to play the accordion.

Without a doubt, the technique cannot be placed within the scope of our article.For the full and proper development of the methods of playing the accordion, you must seek help from a teacher who knows exactly how best to teach your apprentice. In the history there are cases when, it would seem, the most ordinary people independently mastered this instrument and constantly participated in various home or village festivals as the main musician. The uniqueness of these cases does not doubt that this tool is very difficult to use. Well, what about these talented individuals? First of all, that nature has awarded them an extraordinary gift and musical abilities. We boldly assert that the ability of a person to independently learn how to play an instrument is a very rare case. As a rule, in order to grow his talent, a future musician needs many years of training under the strict control of a talented teacher. Only in this case one can allow the thesis that a person really learns to play the accordion.


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