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How to privatize a room?

Despite the fact that in the era of the 90s there was a massive resettlement of communal apartments, still a large part of the population of our country continues to live in communal apartments to this day. If you inherited a room in a communal apartment, then be prepared for the difficulties that privatization is fraught with. So let's consider how to privatize a room in a communal apartment.

Features of the privatization procedure

Privatization of rooms in communal apartments is significantly different from the privatization of entire apartments. Until 1998, it was forbidden to privatize rooms in communal apartments in accordance with the law "On the privatization of housing." This moment caused a lot of controversy and complaints. But not so long ago, the Constitutional Court overturned the effect of this legal act and the situation in this area has become much simpler.

In accordance with the general procedure of privatization, the right to privatize their own housing is granted to a citizen only once, regardless of which room he will privatize a room or apartment.If minor tenants took part in the privatization, then they have the right to another privatization after coming of age.

Only after the privatization of the dwelling, you will be able to make any manipulations with him: sell, exchange, rent out. An important point in the question of how to privatize a room is that in addition to the ownership of the share of an apartment, a citizen receives the right to use his own room. Citizens of the Russian Federation registered in the given place of residence have the right to receive property through privatization. Living on this living space in fact is not necessary, therefore, those who perform military service under the contract, as well as those who live abroad can take part in the privatization.

Privatization of a room in a communal apartment

The first thing you need to do if you do not know how to privatize a room in an apartment is a visit to the regional agency for the privatization of housing, which is available in each region. A certain set of documents must be submitted to this agency, namely:

  1. the application that you will need to fill in this institution;
  2. certificate of registration at the place of residence;
  3. technical characteristics of the premises, which is occupied by the citizen;
  4. documents that certify the identity of all family members;
  5. apartment passport issued by BTI.

This list is not final, and depending on the region in which the citizen lives, it can be amended and supplemented. In addition, today it has become necessary to submit to the privatization body and a certificate stating that the citizen had not previously exercised the right to privatize. If one of the relatives residing in the same territory does not want to participate in the privatization procedure, he must write down the refusal for this procedure in writing and notarize it.

You also need to take permission from each of the neighbors living with a citizen in a communal apartment. If one of the tenants is against the privatization of your premises, then you will have to go to court.

Dorm room

The concept of how to privatize a dorm room is somewhat similar to the process of privatizing rooms in communal apartments. The procedure for collecting documents remains the same.But it is not necessary to take permission from the neighbors, since in this case this condition is not essential.

After a citizen receives a certificate of ownership of a room in a hostel or communal apartment, he will not lose the right to use common areas, such as a kitchen, a corridor and a bathroom. When a room is sold, this share of use of the common room is transferred to the new owner.

Thus, we see that the answer to the question of whether it is possible to privatize a room can be either affirmatively or negatively. In each case, you need to approach this issue individually and act on the basis of legislation.


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