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How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year?

Is it possible to imagine the celebration of the New Year without the beautiful-ate? Well of course not! This popular holiday tree will surely fill your home with a New Year's mood and a special coniferous smell that will make you put off all your efforts and fully immerse yourself in the process of preparation and celebration.

To decorate a Christmas tree is indeed a real family tradition, which occurs in almost every home, it is loved by both children and many adults, yet it is so fascinating!

Today, each family dresses up a New Year's beauty in its own way, and it is absolutely impossible to say that one of the existing methods is wrong. Someone honors traditions and every year with trepidation unfolds from soft paper rare toys, glass beads and icicles, while others gladly experiment with the design of jewelry every year.

Of course, there are no strict rules that exactly indicate how to properly decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year, perhapsthat would be stupid! However, there are still a number of recommendations and tips that will help you decorate your Christmas tree as harmoniously and solemnly as possible, and we'll talk about them today.

Why decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year?

It must be said that the tradition to dress up the green beauty just for the New Year exists only in the CIS countries and in Russia, because initially the fir-tree is an attribute of Christmas. The fashion for Christmas decorations came quite recently, but the very first Christmas tree decorations were, rather, a tribute to traditions and were certain symbols and even amulets: for example, apples are a symbol of fertility, eggs are well-being and harmony.

There are beautiful legends that explain this seemingly strange tradition - to decorate a conifer tree with toys. According to one of them, the spruce tree was very afraid to scare the baby Jesus with its prickly branches, and then the other trees decorated it with their bright fruits, and the Bethlehem star fell from the top of a beautiful woman from heaven. One way or another, it is known that the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree came to us from Germany thanks to the persons reigning at that time.

How beautiful to decorate the Christmas tree?

As we have already said, here there is no concept - right or wrong, but beautiful - this is another matter. To make your tree harmonious, decide on its future styling: for example, retro glass toys and modern Chinese “analogues” do not look very appropriate on one tree.

The combination of “domestic” Santa Claus with “foreign” Santa on one tree and so on is unreasonable. To make your New Year tree elegant, choose for it a certain style:

  • Christmas tree in the Soviet way. You can say a retro-tree, which, oddly enough, is now very popular. We get glass toys, fine tinsel and silver rain from the dusty mezzanine granny - making a Soviet-style spruce in the Soviet style is a snap. The main thing is not to add anything extra - plastic toys, all kinds of bows and other modern decorations will not be appropriate here.
  • American Christmas tree. Traditional colors: red with gold, green with red, red with white - just what you like in the symbol of 2016, the Fire Monkey. Of the toys - mostly balls of the same color, but of different sizes, as well as an abundance of bows, beads and a figurine of Santa Claus and his little helpers.
  • European Christmas tree.In principle, the style will be similar to the American spruce, although the color scheme here is much richer, the main characters are biblical characters, angels and the Bethlehem star.
  • Modern mix. The most free and diverse style where the most daring and unusual ideas can be implemented. For example, eco-trees, which are decorated exclusively with natural toys (figurines of cookies and gingerbread, apples, wooden toys, ornaments from shells or pebbles).

Some important rules:

If you are not going to adhere to a certain style, you can still get a very beautiful and solemn result, for this you need to adhere to some basic rules:

  • Begin to decorate with colored light bulbs: distribute them evenly throughout the tree, you can spiral or vertical lines, light and see that there are no empty areas.
  • Next you need to hang large balls and the largest toys: the bigger they are, the lower they are. Try to hang them on the principle of contrast: the toys should not be the same in color.
  • After the big balls are hung up, engage in small toys and icicles, the principle is the same as before: they should not intersect in color and, preferably, in size.
  • The top is decorated with the last - they put a star or a magnificent bow on it. Do not forget about the rain and tinsel - here, most importantly, do not overdo it, make sure that the toys do not overlap with colorful garlands.
  • If you don’t have time to do a Christmas tree or you don’t have enough imagination how to decorate it, then it’s easier to do it: find a photo of the beauty you like on the Internet and try to repeat it at home.

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