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How to put the second OSes

You will need
  • - operating system installation disk;
  • - the program Partition Manager.
Make sure there is free disk space on the computer. Also download and install the program Partition Manager. In this program, create a new partition on the hard disk (the OS will later be located on it). To do this, select the “Master” menu, then “Create Partition”, in this window the “For advanced user” mode will be offered. Click on it, then click "Next."
In the resulting tab, select the hard disk on which the new volume will be created. Please note that the separated volume is not less than the size of the operating system (from 20 GB to 40 GB). Check out the minimum OS requirements. Next, click "Create as a logical partition." After that, the program will begin to partition the hard disk. With the "Done" button you complete the creation of the volume.
After that, insert the installation disk containing the new operating system and restart the computer.At the suggestion of the system, determine where the installation will take place. Select the newest section.
Software installation is automatic. During the process, the computer restarts several times, you click on the "Next" button at its request, enter a name and select a language. Wait for the installation to complete. This will indicate that the system will start when using the new operating system.
Go to the control panel, in which select the “System” menu, and in the opened window - the “Advanced system settings” submenu. Then click "Download and Restore" and "Options."
Check the box next to "Display a list of installed operating systems at boot time." Confirm the new settings with the "Apply" button. Reboot the computer. When enabled, you will be offered all available operating systems. Choose which one you want to use.

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