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How to quickly organize a business meeting.

Help, you need to quickly organize a meeting with shareholders and potential investors, find suitable premises in Moscow. Maybe someone has a detailed scheme of such an event?
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Answered on January 29, 22:15
I don’t see anything complicated in the organization, call a number of conference rooms for rent, as a rule, they are in all large hotels. Depending on the number of invited guests and calculate which room you need.
Answered 29 January 22:28
If you do not have enough time and due experience, contact a company that specializes in your question. Organizing business events is not easy, especially when it is urgent, you need to think it through to the smallest detail;
Answered on January 29, 22:38
At first you can try to organize everything yourself, if you see that you don’t have time, ask for help.Choose a place with a good transport interchange, for a comfortable transfer of your guests.

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