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How to read free novels

Decide how to read free books downloaded from the Internet. Is it convenient for you to use a computer, or you want to purchase an electronic reader, you decide. Of course, the second option is more costly. But you can read in the transport, without printing a book in advance on the printer. In addition, the screens of such gadgets do not spoil your eyesight, as the monitor screen. Some e-books use electronic ink technology, which reproduces the effect of reading from a paper sheet.
Go to the Flibusta online library (flibusta.net) and its sister site Librusek (lib.rus.ec). There are a lot of books that can be sorted by date of receipt, by genre, and by the language in which the novel was written, by the rating that the work received from the users of the site, and by the formats in which this book is presented. Each book is accompanied by detailed annotation. In addition, you can read reviews from readers.Having found the literature you are interested in, see which novels are usually downloaded along with it. On the websites of Flibust and Librusek it is convenient to read the book online and download it in several formats. To use the services of the site, it is not necessary to register. It will be required to receive books of a specific series, about which you will receive a notification on the screen. Among the languages in which you can read books on these sites are Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Belarusian.
Use the site Lib.Ru. Here you can get acquainted with the works of world literature in Russian and English. Site menu invites you to choose a work by author or genre. Inside the genre there are subcategories, as well as divisions by countries of the world. This is very convenient if, for example, you are fond of French novels and want to find books by authors from France.

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