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How to reduce ESR?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
March 11, 2013
How to reduce ESR?

The indicator of erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) has an important diagnostic value in the complex monitoring of the state of the body due to the fact that it indicates the beginning, the degree of activity and the favorable course of certain processes. In medical practice, the question of how to reduce the ESR is not considered by itself. Rather, a decrease in the ESR indicates a change in the state of the body due to the treatment. The desire to reduce the ESR without medical consultation can lead to negative consequences. Such methods can be found on the Internet, but in connection with the foregoing, the author of the article and the site disclaim responsibility for their use.

Ways to lower ESR

  • If the increase in ESR is caused by an inflammatory disease or infection, it is possible to lower the ESR by treating the disease, for example, with antibiotics. However, to accurately determine the disease of a single ESR analysis is not enough, clarifying analyzes and consultation with a specialist are necessary.
  • If the acceleration of ESR is associated with a certain physiological state (pregnancy, obesity, poisoning, trauma), the erythrocyte sedimentation rate will decrease and will return to normal itself when the factor affecting its increase disappears.
  • When advising how to lower the ESR, some sources recommend taking aspirin systematically. However, this drug inhibits the synthesis of substances necessary to maintain the normal structure of the vascular wall, which can lead to hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Acceptance of herbal decoctions with anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the level of ESR in the complex treatment of inflammatory processes. There is a popular recipe, designed to directly affect the decrease in ESR: three small beets are cooked with tails for 3 hours. After this, the broth is filtered and taken in the morning for 50 ml. on an empty stomach The course of administration is recommended twice for seven days with a week break. After that it is necessary to hand over repeated analyzes.

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