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How to refuse housing

In the event that you inherited a share in the privatized apartment, you will have to share the right of ownership of the living space on a par with other heirs. The refusal of inherited property you need to implement using a share purchase agreement or a contract according to which you give your share to someone from the other heirs of the apartment.
To issue such a conclusion, you will need a number of documents, in particular, papers that confirm your right to inherit property. In addition, you can not do without the permission of the notary to carry out the transaction, the documents of all co-investors, your notary-documented denial of housing, etc.
You will need to call a specialist from the BTI, who will conduct an inspection of the living space and on its basis will issue a new apartment registration certificate. Only after that you, along with the one to whom you transfer your share, will be able to execute the necessary contract. And finally, you will need to arrange a transaction at the property registration center, after which the heir of your share will be able to enter into their rights.
It will be much easier if the apartment is not privatized. In this case, you simply need to contact a lawyer and formalize the refusal to participate in the privatization of housing.
If you have filed an application for the inheritance of the property, but the evidence confirming this fact has not yet been created, then you can, without the participation of other heirs, issue a waiver of the apartment share in any direction.
You can do even easier - simply do not claim your rights. Under existing law, you have the right to identify yourself as an heir within six months. If you decide not to do this, the property that has been transferred to you will automatically be divided among the other heirs.

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