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How to remove a network?

January 12, 2015
How to remove a network?

The computer remembers all the networks it has ever connected to. But what if, for some reason, the network is no longer needed? Then you can delete it in order not to overwrite the settings with useless data and not be confused in the long list of network connections. Read how to remove a network in this article. And you can find answers to other similar questions on our website in the section Setting Up and Connecting to the Internet.

How to remove a wireless network

The most important thing is the removal of wireless networks, especially if you have a laptop and you have to travel a lot with it: then many settings of access points are saved in the settings, to which you probably will no longer have to connect a second time.

To remove the WiFi network in Windows 7/8, right-click on the network connection icon next to the clock and select "Network and Sharing Center". In the opened window, find on the right the link “Manage wireless networks” and click it.

A list of WiFi networks to which this computer has ever connected appears.Select an unnecessary network, right-click on it and say “Delete network”. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window - and you're done.

How to remove a local network

If you need to remove a wired LAN, all in the same window "Network and Sharing Center" click another link - "Change adapter settings."

Another window opens, showing all wired connections. Select the network that you do not need, right-click on it and select "Delete", and then confirm your actions.

Keep in mind that if for some reason you want to delete the network to which you are now connected, you must first disconnect from it - to do this, right-click and select "Disable".

How to remove a home network

In Windows 7/8, it is possible to merge all home computers into one network and allow them to see some folders of each other. This configuration is called “homegroup”. If for some reason you no longer need a homegroup, you can delete it. For this, it is necessary that all computers simply leave the home group - and it will cease to exist.

To exit the homegroup, in the already familiar “Network and Sharing Center” window, find and click the “Homegroup” link. In the window that opens, click the link "Exit from home group".

A window will appear with the clarification. Select the option “Exit home group” in it and click “Finish”. Do the same operation on other computers - and the homegroup will be deleted.


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