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How to remove acne?

There are many different reasons that can provoke acne on the face. The most common are considered improper skin care and unbalanced nutrition. Let's see in this article how to remove acne and spots after them.

Fight acne

To combat acne, you need to eat a few important products. It should be noted that they should be applied both externally and inward. After that, your skin will become clean and healthy, and the pimply rash will not appear again. So, water, olive oil, minced meat, wheat and green tea will help us.

Considering how to remove acne on the face, it should be noted that it is easier to prevent the appearance than to remove the rash. With regard to the removal of acne by hand, then this definitely should not be done, since it is possible not only not to get rid of acne, but also to get an inflammatory process.

  • Perfectly helps clean up acne water. On the day you need to drink at least eight glasses of pure non-carbonated water. This is due to the fact that water stimulates regeneration processes and helps the body to cleanse. For washing you can use water with the addition of lemon juice.
  • Keep in mind that olive oil is rich in vitamins that help the skin resist aging. Eating olive oil will have a beneficial effect on your skin. In order to remove acne, you can take a small amount of olive oil on a cotton swab and rub it on your face.
  • Green tea is also useful in use inside and out. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and has an antioxidant effect.
  • Consider that nuts and wheat are very rich in selenium, and it has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of skin cells and contributes to the rapid and complete disappearance of acne. In order for the skin to be smooth, delicate and clean, you must see nuts in your daily diet. As for the external exposure, the germinated wheat mask has proven itself very well.
  • A very interesting fact is that the body provides protein, meat and fish. But in raw meat can be used to prepare a mask for the face. To do this, mix the minced meat, egg and olive oil.

How to remove acne stains

  • Spots after acne on the skin appear due to the removal of acne without the use of disinfectants or due to the fact that the skin for a long time did not care at all.
  • Another reason for the appearance of spots after acne is squeezing acne with your hands.
  • If you have deep traces of acne or scars on your skin, then masks and gadgets will not help the cause. It will be necessary to apply more radical measures, but if you have red spots on your face, then all is not lost. Red spots can be removed with a mask from green clay with rosemary essential oil. To make this mask you need to add three drops of rosemary oil and water to the clay powder. Then stir the mass until a homogeneous state. Apply the mixture on the skin where you have spots, and hold for ten minutes.
  • You should know that the spots on the face indicate violations of skin pigmentation. Lighten such areas can be using a whitening homemade mask. For cooking should be in one egg white, add two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Mask should be applied directly to the spots. Rinse need fifteen minutes after application.
  • A mask of one tablespoon of tomato pulp with the addition of one teaspoon of starch works well.The mask should be applied only on the spots and hold for fifteen minutes. Then rinse with warm water.
  • You can also wipe the stains with a piece of cucumber or impose a cucumber mass for thirty minutes.

Operative intervention

There are many factors that influence the process of eliminating acne marks or scars: gender, age, heredity, nationality, etc. Keep in mind that you can’t completely remove the scars, but you can make them less noticeable.

  • Surgical intervention is prescribed only if the scars on the skin are very deep. Scars can cut, as well as lift a certain area of ​​the skin.
  • If the scars are not very serious, then you can use the method of laser polishing, chemical peeling.
  • If the scars are deep, then injections will help. The disadvantage of this method is that it is very short-lived.

Now you know how to remove acne marks, as well as remove acne yourself. But remember that it is easier to just constantly monitor the condition of the skin and there will be no problems.


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