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How to remove the paint from the walls?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
December 22, 2014
How to remove the paint from the walls?

Removing paint from walls is a must before plastering or tile laying. With its help, it will be possible to repeatedly improve the adhesion of the new coating to the surface.

It is possible to remove oil, acrylic, emulsion and other paint from the walls using various methods. Let us dwell on the simplest and most effective of them.

The use of a hammer and hatchet

Most often use this option to remove paint from the walls. So, you need to do with a small hatchet notches on the wall with a small indentation from each other. After that, a hammer blows on the wall, as a result of which the layers of paint will fall off. Then just have to go with sandpaper to clean the wall from small particles of the old coating.

Perforator application

To remove the paint from the walls using a punch, you will need to purchase for him a nozzle in the form of a wide blade. It should be fixed in the “Crushing without drilling” position.After that, begin knocking down the paint by holding the punch at a slight angle relative to the wall.

The use of spatula and hot air gun

This method is suitable for removing paint even in hard to reach places - near doors, window frames, and so on. First, the old coating will need to be heated using a building hair dryer. It is necessary that the beauty is well softened, then it will easily be removed from the wall using a conventional trowel. It is necessary to carry out such work only in a well-ventilated area, as the paint when heated will begin to emit a strong pungent odor.

Chemical reagents

Today in the building stores you can find special chemicals for paint removal. They are applied to the painted surface, and then left for 15-30 minutes until the old coating is completely softened. Such reagents should be used with extreme caution, since they can cause severe burns if they are in contact with the skin. It is necessary to work with them using protective equipment: gloves, goggles, respirator. Also remember that from the first time to remove the paint, which was applied earlier in several layers, will be problematic. Most likely, reapplication of chemical reagents on the old painted surface will be required.


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