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How to remove the second chin?

Finding a second chin, as soon as possible to do his elimination. If you want to look young and athletic, always be in good shape and have an attractive appearance, you should definitely know the exercises on how to remove the second chin.

Consider a series of exercises that will help to cope with an obsessive problem.

Fast and efficient way

This exercise allows you to quickly achieve the desired result, but if you have a diseased spine or you suffer from vascular diseases, it is better not to use this method.

Conveniently face up on a flat surface. The head should be on weight. Lift it up so that you can see your feet. Repeat this exercise 15-25 times. Take a few approaches. This exercise will help to quickly improve the neckline and the shape of the chin.

A good result takes time.

Performing this exercise, you can achieve an excellent result, but it takes you a lot of time. Sit in front of the mirror, put your elbows on the table.Close your teeth and push the jaw forward a little. Close your fingers and lightly pat your chin. You need to do at least thirty pats. During the day, this exercise must be repeated several times.

Pulling the neck or exercise "giraffe"

Stand up straight, straighten your back. Place your hands on your shoulders (your left hand on your left shoulder, and your right hand on your right shoulder). Try to pull the neck up, while pressing on the shoulders with your hands so that they do not rise. Inhale the air and count to ten. Then exhale and relax. Repeat the exercise 5-10 times. This exercise is convenient because it can be easily performed absolutely anytime and anywhere.

Muscle load

If you want to learn how to remove the second chin quickly, remember that cosmetologists advise you to give your muscles periodic daily loads. This can be done by performing gymnastics for the face. Let's get acquainted with one more simple exercise.

Starting position: sit at the table, straighten your back, keep your mouth closed, your face muscles in a relaxed state. Position your chin slightly forward and lift it up slightly.Place the elbow of the right hand on the table and squeeze the fist. Put your chin on your fist. Pull out the lower lip and close the upper lip. Press on the palate in front of the front upper teeth with the tip of the tongue and count to five. Then try to push even harder and in that position again count to five. Then relax. Exercise should be repeated at least three times.

How to remove the second chin, well-known fashion models.

Your deficiency can be removed by performing the following exercise every day for at least five minutes. Place a thick, weighty book on your head. Walk with this book on the room. Keep your back straight, shoulders turned, head proudly raised. Performing this exercise every day, you will not only get rid of the second chin, but also develop a light and beautiful gait. After the exercise, wash, moisturize your face and do not forget to periodically pat yourself on the problem area. This is a kind of massage and brings muscles in tone.

Council of Hope Payo

Many years ago, the French cosmetologist Nadezhda Payo suggested an excellent set of exercises that helps keep your skin young and elastic for many years. These exercises should be repeated every day ten times.

  1. To train the lower face, you need to pronounce or imitate the pronunciation of sounds [y] and [u], straining your muscles as much as possible. This exercise trains and strengthens all muscle groups in the lower face.
  2. To maintain the elasticity of the contour of the eyes, you need to press two fingers on the temporal zone, then slowly, but with the effort to open and close your eyes. This exercise will help maintain the elasticity of the muscles of the upper face.
  3. The third exercise trains the muscles of the neck and removes the second chin. Sit exactly. Press two fists into the chin bottom. Bend your head forward, while opposing her hands. Then relax and repeat the exercise again.

In order to remove a second chin to a man, you need to follow the same rules as a woman, except you can add more strength exercises or endurance exercises.

To perform all these exercises it is not necessary to allocate a specific time. This kind of gymnastics can be practiced at any time: at work, in the kitchen in your spare time, behind the TV or in transport. The more regularly and diligently you will perform the exercises, the faster and better the result will be.

In addition to the above exercises on the Internet, you can find a lot of information on request: how to remove the second chin video.

Performing gymnastics to improve the chin line, do not forget about an integrated approach to solving problems. The effect of physical exertion can be supported with lotions and massage.

For example, a dressing with lemon juice. To make such a bandage, take the gauze, fold it several times and moisten with lemon juice. Tie it to your chin for half an hour. Then, removing the bandage, lubricate the neck with a nourishing cream. Then re-tie the same bandage, pre-moistened with cold water. Perform the procedure for a month every other day.

Massage with honey is easy to do. Take some honey on your fingers and massage the problem area with a circular motion until it becomes red. Then rinse with honey. This will help your skin to be young and healthy for many years.


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