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How to revenge for treason?

Modern society has changed its principles. We have ceased to trust each other. Why did this happen? The fact is that treason was not uncommon in our lives. Alas! At first, a warm feeling of love envelops our whole being, but the pain of resentment from the betrayal of a loved one holds our heart icily. We are trying to protect ourselves and are looking for the answer to the common question of every third - how to avenge for treason, and whether we need it at all?


Cooked him, cleaned, shirts stroking, washing. Even gave birth to a child from him. And he "gratefully" took it and slept with the other. It's one thing if it happened once, and he forgot to think about it. Quarrels, scandals, offenses, accusations, there may be a short separation, but often, everything ends in forgiveness. Well, spree once, well, wrong. And the matter with the end. But it often happens that he finds himself a constant mistress. Runs to her regularly, lying, hiding behind meetings, business trips, friends. And when you learn about all this, there is a persistent feeling of disgust for once such a native person.Without thinking twice, you decide to take revenge for all the pain he caused.

How to revenge a husband for treason

  1. I don't care! Of course, at first glance, this advice seems impracticable. But the most effective revenge is the detached and cheerful calm of the wife after she learned about the betrayal. If you make a joke and continue to go about your business, you give him a real slap, just destroy his pride. His brain will melt, he simply cannot think about another woman. He will stop sleeping, thinking all the time, why aren't you hysterical, why do you not care about him. You do not care? This means that you either fell out of love or made someone better. This thought will not leave him alone even in his mistress’s bed, if he decides to jump back there. He will go crazy, and try to get the location of his faithful wife. How can you come up with a more ideal option? This is a terrible, cold revenge. She is as she should be.
  2. Boycott. If a woman has incredible inner strength, and she was able to fulfill the first paragraph, then we will assume that the wife has revenged her husband for treason. But in practice, not every one of us can do this.If your feelings are raging too much, then use another option of revenge. Stop being for him what she was. Stop being a cook, a cleaning lady, a mistress, a mom and a girlfriend. Do not try to feed him, wash him and in general, let him fold his dirty clothes and drag him to a new passion. Let her erase, it's not your problem anymore. Do not pity him. Tired after work? And do not get tired with sex with her?
  3. Self improvement. A very pleasant and effective option is to take care of yourself. Start to build a career, take care of your figure, hairstyle, manicure, find a hobby for yourself. Become a successful irresistible woman. Hide your pain, so as not to look pathetic. Flourish so that he can see all the men watching you. Let him rush about, realizing that he did not know his spouse at all and did not appreciate her deservedly.

What you should not do

  • Chase the villain out into the street, throwing slippers on him from the balcony and shouting curses at the footprints. At such a moment, they attend only one thought: “Let him go to the hell, let him sit and admire her, let her understand what kind of“ happiness ”she has brought!” This is not an option for revenge. Most likely, one day he will feel uncomfortable with a new lover, and he will cling to you like a bathing sheet. Will start to call pity pleading for forgiveness, whining, tears.And you forgive! Sooner or later you will forgive, and he will leave again to the left, knowing that you will let him back.
  • In despair, jump into bed with the first comer to set the horns of an unprofitable husband. Of course, it is very easy to do this due to the fact that there are always a few people who want to decorate your leisure. But think about it, what will happen next? Suddenly you will like one of these partners, but he will not be able to answer you in return? Suffering again? There is also another option - a new guy dissolves gossip, thinks out colorful details. From this it will be difficult to get rid of.
  • Find a husband's mistress, cripple her, scratch her eyes, ruin her hair, threaten. And what, let him know to whom she went to bed! In fact, everything turns out differently. You just show her your pain. She will regard you simply as an uncultured person doing rash uncontrollable acts. If you really can not wait to talk to her, then do not let go of your hands, but simply inadvertently mention in a conversation how bad your husband is, what a liar he is, a womanizer and a slob. How he flings after Anya and Tanya at the office. As they pass does not give. Like, you are not the first, not the last, but I do not care.Even if these ladies do not exist, the relationship between lovers will still not be the same.

All these tips are also the answer to the man's question about how to take revenge on his wife for treason. After all, not only husbands are able to betray, some women also cope well with the role of a traitor.


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