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How to salt an oil for winter in cans in two ways

In Russian cuisine, salted mushrooms are considered an exquisite delicacy, and buttered is not an exception. In salty form, these mushrooms represent a culinary masterpiece, to which many experience true love. Let's find out how to salt an oily masher at home and consider the best step-by-step recipes.

Previously, the pickling of mushrooms was carried out in massive vats or wooden barrels, for example, so the marshmallow salted for the winter. Over time, new recipes and solutions have appeared that have simplified the salting of oil and helped to adapt the technology to the home environment.

Today every mistress in her own way comes to the solution of this culinary task. Some use whole mushrooms for pickling, others cut into several parts, and others only grease the hats. In this issue, there are no standards and harsh rules. The cook chooses that way of cooking and the set of spices that they like best. Let's consider five popular recipes for the preparation of salted oil.

Caloric content of salted oil

Contrary to the low caloric value, whichan average of 25 kcal per 100 grams of the product, salted oils are not included in the category of dietary products. The fact is that mushrooms are poorly digested.

The protein, which is part of the oil, is often referred to as "forest meat." In these mushrooms it is twice as large as in meat products or in eggs. Even in oleores there is a lot of phosphorus and immunity-strengthening beta-glucans. However, the human body poorly absorbs useful microelements contained in the fungi.

Salted mushrooms are famous for their incredible taste and are a nourishing dish. Not surprisingly, nutritionists recommend to use them to people who stick to protein nutrition. This includes the Kremlin diet. Only to abuse salted buttermilk is not worth it, with a dietary diet once a week is enough.

Classic recipe for salting oil

Photo of butter in the forest

The topic of the conversation went to the recipes. I'll start with the classic technology of preparing salted oily mushrooms at home, which provides for the use as containers for pickling wooden barrels. In such containers, the oil is salted for a long time and is not without reason, because in the barrel they turn out to be elastic, crunchy and incredibly tasty.

  • Oily - 10 kg.
  • Salt - 0.6 kg.
  • Pepper with peas.
  • Oak and currant leaves.
  • Dill greens.
  1. Collect collected oil, clean from dirt and debris, rinse repeatedly in water.
  2. At the bottom of the oak barrel, sprinkle the salt, top with the top of the ingredient with the caps down. Pour oil over the salt, cover with oak and currant leaves, add pepper and dill. Top with the remaining mushrooms.
  3. The contents of the barrel are covered with a wooden circle and put the oppression on top. A week later the mushrooms will sit down and let the juice come. If there are a lot of liquids, lightly pour out, add some fresh mushrooms.
  4. Do the procedure several times, after which the corked cask is sent for storage in a cool place for the winter. In two months, the treat is ready.
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In the preparation of salted oil in a barrel is nothing difficult, it's like making cabbage for the winter. For a real mushroom picker this is an interesting and incredibly exciting procedure. And at the end of the mission get a snack that will decorate any table.

How to salt an oil for winter in cans

Mushroom dishes help make the festive or casual menu exquisite and varied.Forest mushrooms deserve special attention, so many owners want to prepare them for the winter.

Methods of harvesting a lot: conservation, pickling, pickling. Let us dwell in detail on the latter version, as salted mushrooms have a unique taste and unsurpassed aroma. Let's consider two popular ways of salting oil in cans for the winter.

Hot way

On the pages of culinary sites and magazines are regularly published articles on the preparation of salted oil. Due to the variety of beginners, culinary experts often have difficulty in choosing the way to pickle. If you also have such a problem, pay attention to the hot way of pickling. It is as simple and fast as possible.

  • Fresh oil - 1 kg.
  • Water - 1 liter.
  • Sugar - 60 g.
  • Salt - 35 g.
  • Black and sweet pepper - 3 peas.
  • Laurel - 2 leaves.
  • Carnation - 2 buds.
  1. Remove the oil from debris, rinse with water and cut into large pieces. If mushrooms are small, do not cut it. Put everything in a colander and leave for 15 minutes to leave excessive moisture.
  2. Prepare the banks in advance. First, wash with soda under running water and rinse.After that, sterilize for 20 minutes.
  3. Place the crushed oily masli in a saucepan, pour in water. Place the container on the stove and cook until the pieces fall to the bottom. Add salt, sugar and spices, cook for a few minutes.
  4. Spread the oil on the cans so that up to the top there are 2 centimeters. Pour hot brine and roll. Place the jars on the floor upside down and cover with a warm blanket. After 12 hours, move the jars to the pantry.
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When using this recipe, be careful with spices. If there are doubts, better reduce the amount of spices or do not add at all.Excess pepper or cloves can spoil the dish.

Cold way

Now consider the cold way of salting oil at home. It is not complex, but lasting, as the dish is ready in a few weeks. The recipe is based on the use of a standard brine consisting of boiled water and salt. He paired with spices turns mushrooms into something incredibly tasty.

  • Oily - 1 kg.
  • Garlic - 3 slices.
  • Laurel - 4 leaves.
  • Salt - 2 tablespoons.
  • Black pepper - 5 peas.
  • Dill and a sheet of currant - to taste.
  1. Prepare an enamel pot. At the bottom of the tank lay the mushrooms with their caps down, top with greenery, pepper, chopped garlic, salt and laurel. Repeat the layers.
  2. The contents of the pan are covered with a flat saucer, from above place a heavy object. As a result, the mushrooms are allowed to juice and completely covered with the resulting brine. If the liquid is small, add a little salted boiled water.
  3. Leave everything for 24 hours at room temperature.
  4. Arrange the billets in jars, pour the brine from the pan and send it to the fridge for a few weeks.

After the time you will receive a superb treat, which in combination with fresh herbs will be a perfect addition to the fried potatoes. And such a simple tandem is able to surprise and completely satisfy any gourmet.

The best way to cap nylon

To date, there is an unthinkable amount of delicious mushroom billets, including salted buttermilk under the cap nylon. This culinary masterpiece is incredibly easy to prepare, but the taste qualities will repel many more elaborate treats.

  • Boiled oily - 3 kg.
  • Salt - 150 g.
  • Garlic - 7 denticles.
  • Dill - 5 umbrellas.
  • Black pepper - 10 grains.
  • Sweet pepper - 7 pieces.
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml.
  • Currant leaves.
  1. In the enameled container, pour the salt and distribute it evenly. Top with a piece of pre-cooked oil.
  2. Over scatter the currant leaves, dill, chopped garlic and spices, sprinkle with salt. From above, make a layer of the remaining mushrooms and spices.
  3. Cover the contents of the dishes and press it down with a load. After a day, spread the ingredients over the glass jars, fill with brine. In each jar pour a little vegetable oil and cover with nylon lids. Put the jars of oil in the refrigerator. After 2 weeks, the treat is ready.

To try salted buttermilk at home under the nylon cap you will have to wait a little. But if you do everything right, the ready dish completely compensates for the time spent waiting for unique gastronomic impressions.

Delicious recipe for salting in a bucket

Previously, the oil was salted in large wooden barrels. Today this opportunity is only present in the village culinary specialists. But this does not mean that the townspeople can not enjoy themselves with tasty mushrooms.I offer a modern version of cooking, which provides for salting oil in a bucket.

  • Oily - 3 kg.
  • Salt - 200 g.
  • Dill - to taste.
  • Currant leaves - to taste.
  • Pepper with peas.
  1. Remove fresh oil, remove forest debris and dirt, several times rinse with water. If you find a suspicious mushroom, throw it away. With health jokes are bad.
  2. Bottom of the enamel bucket sprinkle with salt, lay in rows of buttery caps down, abundantly pouring salt. Between the layers make a small pillow of pepper and currant leaves.
  3. Cover the contents of the bucket with a wooden circle or a plate, press it down with a load. A week later the mushrooms will sit down, a brine will appear.
  4. If there is too much liquid, pour out. Cover the bucket with a film, cover it with a lid and send it to a cool place for two months. After the time has passed, the treat is ready.

Some mistresses, when pickling butter, cover the top of the bucket with cabbage leaves. Thanks to the mushroom pickle, they make a wonderful base for the preparation of excellent cabbage rolls. Be sure to try.

How to properly process butter mushrooms

Photo of butter in the forest

The presence of mucous membrane on the cap gave the name of butter.It protects against drying, but it is difficult to get rid of when cleaning it. Therefore, this section is devoted to the proper processing of mushrooms.

Pick up the mushrooms, sort the houses by variety, and then proceed to cleaning, washing and cooking.

  1. Pour the oily into a basin or other utensils and fill with water for a while, so that the dirt and dry grass are left behind. All garbage will come up.
  2. Then proceed to cleaning. Examine each mushroom. Cut the mycelium and remove the remains of dirt and rot. Be sure to remove the film from the cap. To do this, gently pry the film at the edge and pull it toward you.
  3. After cleaning, start washing. Often come wormy specimens, which sometimes you will not notice at once. Keep them in salted water for 3 hours. Worms will float upward, and the larvae will descend to the bottom. Drain the water and rinse the mushrooms again.
  4. If there are different in size oiler, go through. Small leave whole, at the middle cut off the bonnet from the leg, large cut into parts. So that the pieces do not fall apart, cook for 2 minutes.

Maslyuky need not be boiled until cooked, to fry or pickle. After processing the mushrooms, dry and cook various dishes.

How to distinguish good oil from false mushrooms

In the basket of a beginner mushroomer, in addition to the oil, false mushrooms are often found. In appearance, they are very similar to edible, but on closer examination even with the naked eye you can see the distinctive features. Be sure to read the material below, because this information will protect you from trouble.

  • Carefully inspect the cap from all sides. If there is a false mushroom in his hand, he will have a hat with a purple color on top, and a yellowish-cream underneath. Another inedible specimen is the lamellar structure of the lower part, and in the butterfly - a spongy structure.
  • To recognize a false mushroom is possible and on a ring on a leg. At it it is light purple and dangles. The edible butterfly ring is light purple and retains its original structure for a long time in spite of the influence of the environment.
  • Pay attention to the flesh. In inedible mushrooms, it is characterized by a reddish tinge, and after a time at the cutoff point it changes color.

How to store salted mushrooms

The final part of the material will be devoted to the proper storage of salted mushrooms. They should be stored in a cool place.Optimum temperature is 5-6 degrees. At a temperature below zero, the butterflies freeze, become brittle and lose their taste. At a temperature above 6 degrees get sour taste and even spoil.

Make sure that the oil is always in the brine. If the liquid is not enough, add cold boiled water. If you notice a mold, rinse the cloth and cloth with hot, salted water. If the mold on the walls of the jar, remove with a clean rag.

It is better to seal the jars tightly to protect themselves. In a saline solution, the oil is not fully canned, which slows down the action of microorganisms, but does not eliminate them. If the brine is made more dense, the shelf life will increase, but often these fungi become highly saline and lose flavor.

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In a weak brine, the maslings become acidic, since lactic fermentation occurs. These butterflies are not dangerous to health, but to an amateur. If you use paper or a bag instead of covers, be prepared that the brine from the cans will evaporate, and the prepared mushrooms will become worthless. On this I have everything.


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