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How to say that children learn

First of all, it is necessary to establish the reason why performance has declined. Start a quiet conversation with the child, avoiding censure and notation. Ask why he doesn’t like attending classes and doing homework that he’s not comfortable with at school. Ask to show tests or notebooks, where the child made mistakes and because of what his assessment was reduced.
Do not criticize the child and talk about specific things. Praise for his achievements, even if they are insignificant. For example, if there are no twos or comments about absenteeism in his diary. This will give the child confidence that his progress is not ignored, and perhaps he will strive to show himself from the best side.
In no case do not compare the child with other children and do not say that he is somewhat inferior to them. Make it clear that its capabilities are much higher than the results it shows. Give an example of one of his previous achievements.For example, remind him how well he solved some examples in mathematics or how his teachers praised him for his written essay.
Prove to the child that bad grades are only the result of a lag in the program. Review the results of tests and verified homework and find all the errors together. Ask the child what is most difficult for them and offer them to study with them in their free time to help them learn the material. Come up with a fun form of training that will not bother your child, but will be an interesting alternative for him to additional lessons at school.
Use your experience to find an approach to your child and let him know that learning is not only good, but also interesting. Remember your school years and think about what would work for you and what kind of help you would like from your parents. Remember the reasons why you might not want to learn.

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