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How to search for clients?

My relative and I want to organize our business. The question is how to look for customers. We will provide services to individuals. If you ring up everyone and offer, is it effective? Or SMS distribution?
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Answered on March 15 01:41
And what kind of services? You need to think about where you can meet your potential customer and go there. If this is a shopping center, then hand out leaflets there, if the Internet, then write posts in social networks, etc.
Answered 15 March 01:53
Do you have a website? Better to do it right, run ads. Any services can be sold via the Internet and it’s not so difficult, you don’t need to be a programmer)
Answered on March 15 02:07
Alternatively, you can buy a spam database of phone numbers. Just do not buy from dubious individuals who spam advertising on forums. And find a trusted seller. For example, a base of numbers can be purchased through BasExp, here is their website. You can also purchase a base for email distribution. It will also not be superfluous.

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