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How to set tags?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
October 23, 2014
How to set tags?

Properly set the ignition in the gas distribution mechanism of the car plays an important role in the engine. When it is not installed properly, the engine starts to work poorly and the car stops normal movement.

Before you set the timing marks, prepare the tools you need to work.

Required tools

  • Spark Plug Key
  • Socket Set
  • Marker
  • Vacuum gauge

We expose timing marks

  1. Mark the wires of each spark plug by the number of cylinders, using a short piece of masking tape for each wire. Unscrew all spark plugs using a spark plug wrench, replace them as necessary. Remove the valve cover. Determine the cylinders in order. On in-line engines, the number one cylinder is closest to the radiator, i.e. on the front of the car. Check your vehicle specification to make sure it is properly numbered.
  2. Turn the engine clockwise and observe the valves one cylinder at a time. When both valves in cylinder number one are in the upper position, insert a screwdriver through the spark plug hole. Slowly turn the engine back and forth until the screwdriver is in the upper dead center or "TDC", i.e. on the compression stroke.
  3. Find the number one spark plug wire on the distributor cap and make a mark on its body with a marker. Remove the distributor cap and monitor the position of the slider.
  4. Loosen the bolt and turn the distributor until the slider matches the mark you made in step 3. Your choice of mechanical time is now set to zero degrees.
  5. Replace the old gasket under the valve cover with a new one. Replace the spark plugs and wires to them using the reverse sequence in step 1.
  6. Connect vacuum gauge to vacuum source. Most engines have a special hole in the carburetor or throttle body where the sensor can be connected. Start the engine and take a reading of the vacuum gauge.
  7. Turn the distributor until the maximum gauge reading is indicated. Subtract one inch of vacuum from the maximum value. Tighten the dispenser with a bolt.Normal readings, on average, from 14 to 21 inches - depending on the state of the engine.
  8. Perform engine test. Make sure that there is no extraneous noise. Repeat steps 5 and 6 if excessive extraneous sound is heard or if there is a significant loss of power.

The ignition moment is set correctly when the car is running at maximum speed without interruption. Now you know how to correctly set timing marks.


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