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How to set up the Internet on the iPhone?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
December 24, 2012
How to set up the Internet on the iPhone?

Modern man can no longer imagine life without the Internet, and for mobile phones it is already impossible to do without the global web. And phones like the iPhone generally lose some of their functions without being connected to the Internet. Now every person, even without a computer, can visit the sites he needs, communicate on social networks or watch videos using the world wide web. In addition, fast Internet access is often needed to quickly find the information you need.

However, not all phone owners can immediately start using the Internet. Problems may arise if you have a Chinese iPhone. Setting up the Internet in it is a bit more complicated, since all Chinese phones do not support automatic service setup outside the country of origin.

In order to properly connect the Internet, you need to decide on the type of connection that will be used to access the Internet from your phone.

GPRS or Wi-Fi?

There are two types of wireless connections that access the World Wide Web: mobile GPRS-Internet and Wi-Fi-network.Next, we will tell you how to set up the Internet on the iPhone, describe in detail all the advantages and disadvantages of these Internet connections, and also help you set them up.


Mobile GPRS-Internet has a number of advantages: it is available even in remote places where there is a mobile connection, which cannot be said about a Wi-Fi network. However, this Internet has a high cost and low speed, which does not quite satisfy many Internet users.

There are several ways to configure this access. The first is that the installation of all parameters is your mobile operator. All access point settings are sent by the operator, and when you save this message, they are set automatically. The second method provides for independent input and configuration of all parameters of the mobile Internet access point.

All the parameters for setting up GPRS Internet can be taken on the official website of the operator, then create an access point and enter the necessary data yourself. This way of setting up the Internet can be difficult for inexperienced users, so there are step-by-step instructions on setting up an access point on the websites of mobile operators.


As for the second type of connection, the Wi-Fi-network is available only with a router and is often protected from unauthorized access. But if you managed to find an “open” source of Wi-Fi-network, you can use the Internet for free and in almost unlimited quantities. The advantages of Wi-Fi-network are obvious!

Setting up access to this network on your phone is not particularly difficult, simply turn on the Wi-Fi network in the phone settings and select an available network or enter the password in your own access point. Therefore, it is the Wi-Fi network that is considered to be a worthy alternative to the GPRS Internet and is more and more often used by iPhone owners.


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