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How to sew a corset yourself

How to sew a corset yourselfThe corset has long ceased to be a detail of underwear. Now this is a sexy and fashionable addition to the image, through which you can adjust your appearance. This thing is quite time consuming. For novice tailors, it may not be suitable. But if you already have experience in making clothes, we will help you put it into practice. Today we will teach you to sew a corset with your own hands.
The ancient corset masters had their own secrets of making this thing. Over time, and you accumulate your own, you only need time and experience. The most important thing in this process is the choice of model. Having defined it, you can proceed to the pattern.
There are two ways:

  • Mocking The fabric is pierced directly by the figure, so this method is longer. But the calculations are accurate and take into account all the features of the model.
  • Calculated. It is required to take measurements, their quantity will depend on the chosen style. Measure out: chest girth, hips, waist. All these dimensions are taken into account by half. Further measure the height of the sides (from the waist to the armpits).

How to sew 

It is not necessary to mercilessly pull yourself into a corset. Scientists have long proved that it is harmful to health. For modern corsets are no longer using whalebone, so they have become soft and not so dangerous. Currently, they are worn as an independent part of the toilet, and as the upper part for the dress. If you can not find the style you need, and the color and texture are not pleasing to you, we suggest you sew a corset yourself.


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