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How to sew a pillow?

Hand-made things always bring more joy and comfort to your home than purchased ones. In addition, they are exclusive and will be what you want to make them, and therefore they can perfectly fit into your interior. In this article we will talk about how to sew a decorative pillow. Tailoring a pillow for a sofa or chair can be divided into two stages: tailoring the pillow itself and sewing pillow cases for it. In this case, the pillow can be one, and you can make pillowcases as much as you like.

How to sew a pillow with your own hands?

Actually, sewing a decorative pillow is no different from sewing a pillow for sleeping, except that the sizes of decorative pillows are usually smaller and they are more diverse in shape. In addition, a decorative pillow can be sewed immediately combined with a pillowcase. But, this method is less practical than the use of individual pillowcases, because if your pillow will require cleaning, you can not just wash it, you will have to dry-clean, or after a normal wash for a long time to dry the filling.

For sewing pillows will require:

  • Dense fabric and cloth for sewing napernikov (tick), if the filler of your pillow - feathers.
  • Filler (cotton wool, feathers, synthetic winterizer, etc.)
  • Sewing supplies (scissors, thread, needles, sewing machine)

First of all, we prepare parts of the pillow, and there are only 2 of them: pieces of material of the same size and shape, but do not forget to add the desired dimensions of the pillow, centimeter from each side to the seams. For example, for a cushion of 25 * 25, you need to prepare 2 squares of fabric 26 * 26. Then we join them with the front sides, and sew together on three sides. After turning out, we fill with filler to the desired density, and sew the remaining side. Here is a pillow and it is ready, besides you can buy the pillow itself in specialized stores, then you just need to sew beautiful pillow cases for it.

How to sew a pillow: ideas for pillowcases?

In addition to simple square and rectangular pillows, you can sew a round pillow, or a pillow in the shape of a heart, a doggie, and so on. In order to make a pillow you need a little imagination. The pillowcase can be made both from a solid material and in a patchwork method; in addition, applications can be sewn on it, or volumetric flowers, embroidered. You have one limitation: your imagination.

The main options for sewing pillowcases:

  • Pillowcase-pocket.This option is ideal for beginners, it is the easiest to sew.
  • Pillowcase on the lock.
  • Pillowcase buttons.

And now let's take a closer look at the options.

The pattern for the pillowcase-pocket is simple: one piece is made from a material whose width is equal to the width of the pillow (do not forget to make centimeter allowances on both sides), and the length is equal to two pillow lengths and an additional 15-20 cm per lapel for the "pocket" processing edges of 3 cm for each edge). When sewing, first hem the two cuts along the width of the pillow and sew them. Then fold the fabric in such a way (face inward) so that the length of the pillow is obtained from the bend, and the remaining free end of the material, which will be our “pocket”, bend from above. Now sew 2 sides and finish the edges of the seams. Turn on the face - the pillowcase is ready. Embark on its decoration, if it was intended.

In the version with a pillowcase on the lock, you can act just like in the first case, but do not measure the fabric to create a pocket, instead sew a zipper on one side, or place the zipper in the middle of the pillow, making it hidden or decorative.

For pillowcases on the buttons, it is necessary to make allowances not 3 cm on both sides, but 3 cm with one and 8 cm with the other, so that there is an overlap of the fabric under which you sew the buttons, while it is more convenient to arrange this overlap in the middle of the back pillows.

From this article you have learned a few ideas on how to sew a sofa cushion, now you have something to push off of, in inventing pillows to decorate your home.


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