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How to sew ears?

Many are known for such lovely creatures as some boys and girls who differ from the majority of people in the "presence" of tails, cat ears, and sometimes even paws. You can meet a large number of people copying these funny creatures at anime festivals. Some ears or cat ears have become an indispensable attribute of the costume of some followers. Of course, you can buy such jewelry in almost any store.

However, none of these ears can not be compared with those that will be made by hand. They will be able to give your image a great individuality and originality. Sew such neko-ears very easy. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions, which are written in detail about how to sew the ears.

Preparation of materials

To create your own unique ears, you will need: - a pale pink satin fabric, either to match the fur - velvet or fur of any color - women's hair band - wire - glue - all kinds of ribbons, rhinestones and bows - sewing machine, or thread with needles - scissors

The process of creating ears

First of all, you should pay attention to the choice of wire. It must be thick enough and flexible so as not to break during use.Perfectly cope with this task steel wire section is equal to 1-2 mm. If the wire has a larger diameter, then you will not be able to put it on the bezel without additional tools or assistance. After you have chosen a suitable wire, you should divide it into two pieces, and then bend it according to the shape of the future non-ears. You should not forget to leave a small margin around the edges. Then it is necessary to fasten the wire to the rim in those places where the ears will be located.

You can replace the wire frame with the most common cardboard. In this case, the ears will not bend in the middle, but will begin to “fear” the water.

After the wire-frame is ready, you can start cutting out of velvet or fur (at your discretion), as well as fabric of two triangles, which will be the size of future ears. Here you should also leave a small seam allowance. They should be no more than 1 cm at the edges. Now it will be necessary to fold the two resulting triangles (one satin and one fur) so that the front side is located inside. After that, you need to flash them from two sides.The base should not be stitched. The same process should be done with the second triangle.

We collect ears

Having figured out how to sew the ears, proceed to their assembly. It is necessary to turn out the resulting ears on the front side. Then they should be put on the previously prepared wire frame. After that, you need to thoroughly grease the base of the ears with glue and hide the edges of the fabric inside. Places where some ears are attached to the rim will need to be carefully masked with pieces of fur, bow, ribbons or rhinestones. It will completely depend on your imagination and desire.

If you want, you can stylize absolutely the whole bezel. You can sheathe it with fur or fabric with an unusual ornament. The bezel will look very original, additionally decorated with embroidery or unusual appliqué from any material at hand. It is also possible to attach a flower to the rim, both artificial and natural.

And, finally, having figured out how to sew the ears, we can proceed to their fitting. Be sure to check if the hoop is strongly pressing on the head, because after attaching the ears to it, its rigidity has changed.It is also worth making sure that you do not interfere with the attachment of the ears to the hoop.


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