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How to shave?

Today, dear reader, we will talk about the skills that will be useful to absolutely every person, especially men. Proper shaving is like correct speech, which beautifies any person and increases his attractiveness to heaven. Let's learn about the rules of shaving. So:

How to shave?

As you know, you can shave in different ways. To help shaving there are tools such as machine tools, electric shavers, various razor-softening foam, shaving gels, and moisturizing skin lotions.

Let's start with, perhaps, offering you advice on shaving in the most common way - shaving with the help of the machine. In order not to cut, before shaving with the machine, it is necessary to apply the foam on the moist skin of the face. It should be moistened with cool water and only then apply foam to its surface. If you have shaved recently, then, as a rule, you will not need a large amount of foam. It all depends on the type of hair on the face. The hair is rough and tough - you need a lot of foam.After applying the foam on the face, you can begin to shave. Smooth movements move the razor without disturbing the direction of hair growth. After each traversed section, it is necessary to wash the razor blade with water to prevent the machine from clogging. Gently shave all areas of the face and wash away any foam residue. After shaving, some skin types need moisturizing. For this usually use a variety of lotions.

How to shave an electric razor? Using an electric shaver implies not only comfort when shaving, but also skillful care of the razor itself. As they say, you love to ride, love and sleigh to carry. Buying a good electric razor will be expensive, but you will get a reliable tool for personal hygiene. Many men who prefer an electric razor say that it is better to shave with dry skin and in the absence of moisture or steam in the bathroom. The fact is that shaving with an electric razor on wet skin is fraught with discomfort and irritation. It is better to use foam when shaving with an electric razor only if the bristles have not yet fully grown. To get the most efficient shaving, wash the work items.electric shaver every time after using it. It is also necessary to lubricate the central element of the razor with special oil. This will prevent the mechanism from overheating.

A special conversation requires the topic of shaving with girls. As you know, these gentle creatures especially take care of themselves, and their thin skin needs a special reverent attitude. It is clear that girls do not need to shave their faces, but shaving intimate parts and legs is something that cannot be ignored. Here are some recommendations on how to shave a girl properly so that there is no skin irritation:

  • Before you shave, you need to take a warm bath.
  • If you have long hair, it is better to cut the main part with scissors.
  • Before applying the cream for shaving the pubis, it is necessary to rinse it with cool water.
  • Apply the cream and wait a few minutes until the pubic hair is soft.
  • The use of a blunt blade is extremely discouraged, since the latter causes skin irritation.
  • Shaving movements should be smooth.
  • After shaving is complete, wash the skin with soap to prevent infection.
  • You can use baby powder to make skin less irritated.
  • Shaving too often can lead to undesirable effects on the skin, so try not to overdo it.

On the Internet, you can find a variety of videos that will help you shave correctly. Video, how to shave, attached to the article.

Shaving for the first time should not be regarded as one of the most significant moments of your life. If you use good tools and at least know a little about the rules for using a razor or read the materials of our article, then you have absolutely nothing to fear. You do not even know that you yourself know how to shave properly the first time. Feel free to apply the foam and start the process of self-care. In matters of personal hygiene of the face, another aspect is more important. When to start shaving? This is the question many future men ask themselves. The answer is simple. Shave when you need it. If you notice that your face looks messy and sloppy, then you can pitch in the machine. In the case of shaving, the rule works — better late than early.


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