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How to sheathe and insulate the house

You will need
  • - Styrofoam;
  • - slats;
  • - mounting adhesive mixture or tile adhesive;
  • - reinforced mesh;
  • - primer;
  • - putty for exterior work;
  • - paint;
  • - perforator;
  • - knife;
  • - notched trowel;
  • - dowel.
Start by taking measurements. Calculate the area of ​​the walls and determine the required amount of material. For platinghousebut it is better to take not thick, but dense sheets of foam, the thickness of which does not exceed 5 cm. If you think that this is not enough for insulation, you can install the foam in 2 rows. True, in this case, you have to make the crates. Choose the right timber. Its thickness should be equal to a double layer of foam. It is attached with dowels.
Clean the walls before starting work. Align chipped if necessary. Remove electrical wires. Dilute mounting adhesive mixture. You can also use tile glue. Prime and leave for some time. Install the base rail, carefully align it using the building level.
The adhesive mixture should not be thick, but not liquid, so as not to flow down over the surface.Using a notched trowel, grease part of the wall to install the first sheet of foam. Apply glue on its perimeter, departing 2 cm from the edge, and on the central part. Attach it to the wall and press lightly. Using a perforator, make holes for dowels. Secure the sheet in at least five places - at the corners and in the center. Install all subsequent sheets in the same way. Install the next row with offset. The joints between the sheets are glued.
After you have completely secured the entire foam, cross it with the same adhesive mixture. Apply a reinforced mesh to it. Cut it into strips along the length of the wall. Using a spatula, coat the wall with glue. Set the strip. Smooth. All subsequent fasteners are similar. Glue the grid with a small overlap so that there are no cracks.
The next day, plaster the walls. Use for this finishing putty for exterior work or decorative plaster. After drying, paint.

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