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How to sleep with a girl?

It's no secret that guys differ in many ways from girls in their views on intimate relationships. Sometimes a woman is not ready to go to them because of timidity, insecurity in a partner, or following the principle of "sex only for big love." Whereas, for the strong half of humanity, such an approach will often cause many problems for women. Therefore, the question of how to persuade a girl to sleep, many guys are asking. This article provides basic ways to persuade a woman to have sex.

How to sleep with an ex-girlfriend

First, let's deal with a simpler option, when the guy knows the girl well and they already had a relationship. In this situation, to achieve sex from a woman is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. After all, if there was sexual contact between a boy and a girl, it would be easier for a lady to repeat them, rather than start a new relationship with a yet unknown man.

To know how to persuade a girl to sleep in such a situation, you must first try to revive her old feelings and revive the atmosphere of the past.So, you can invite an ex-girlfriend to a restaurant or have a romantic dinner at home. All romance should be accompanied by constant memories from the joint past, of course, as pleasant as possible. This mood will help the girl to mentally return to your best times when you were together.

In addition, if you once had really strong feelings, she will have nostalgia for them and she will remember how sheaccording to youmissed (and maybe even misses). You will also tell her how you missed her, how nice it is to sit together so nicely, etc. Such talk and the right atmosphere will quickly lead your ex to the bedroom, where the continuation of another kind of joint memories will follow.

Only in this situation there is a danger that your ex-girlfriend will decide that you are going to return the old relationship. And, of course, it is not difficult to understand. Therefore, at first, think carefully about whether sex is so important in this case, in order to play the feelings of a person dear to you (even in the past)?

How to make a girl sleep

Of course, this is not about rape and such cruel measures.But you can apply some methods that work almost smoothly. And in the first place in this list is banal drinking up to the required moment. The option, of course, is not the best, but it fully justifies you: she got drunk herself - she wanted sex. In addition, there is a chance that the girl simply will not remember most of the events.

The second method is to be able to play the right role well, and you will have to play a complete romance, who is deeply in love at first sight and unable to restrain his feelings. Believe me, such impulses have a strong effect on girls, because they are very flattered that a guy can fall in love with them in a matter of seconds: this indicates, in their opinion, their irresistible. And in such moments, the girl is inclined to take everything at face value, just not to be convinced of the opposite.

You can still play an artist, a poet or a musician who is in search of a muse. But in this case, you must have at least the minimum talent in any field of art for the credibility. Women, as a rule, adore bohemia and forgive its representatives much more than “mere mortals”.Perhaps this is due to the common stereotype that people of art are extremely emotional and subject to all kinds of impulses, and therefore more impermanent.

If you decide on this method, do not forget about beautiful words, and even better - quotes from poems or aphorisms. Experts say that smart men cause women to have sexual attraction at least at a subconscious level.

How to sleep with a girl on the method of “the opposite”

In a number of tips, how to sleep with a girl, you can put such an interesting and effective method as a complete refutation of your own desires. That is, you will have to prove to the girl in every way that sex for you is not the main goal of the relationship, and stuff like that. Of course, this should be done carefully and carefully, otherwise the girl will quickly see through your tactics or find you impotent.

At the same time try to curb your male nature and not to sparkle with passionate views that will contradict your sayings. In addition, when a girl sees that you crave intimacy and are ready for almost everything to get what you want, you automatically become too easy prey for her.And such an option to the fair sex, as a rule, is not interesting.

You need, on the contrary, to show yourself as a person who has enough sex in life, but the friendly conversation attracts you the most. Thus, the girl will begin to trust you, but in addition, her indifference to her female attractiveness will insult her subconsciously. Do not be surprised if in this case she herself starts to seduce you and pursue a “night of love”.


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