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How to stop releasing gases

If this phenomenon is the result of a temporary breakdown of the digestive system, you can help yourself. For example, with the help of folk remedies.
Before starting treatment with herbs, it is necessary to balance the diet, as well as eliminate foods that cause flatulence. These are cabbage, onions, milk, legumes. Also, you can not use any carbonated drinks, as they contain a lot of carbon dioxide.
To get rid of flatulence will help products such as eggs, rice, meat, various seafood. By adhering to such a diet, you will soon see an improvement in your condition. Problems with the gastrointestinal tract will stop bothering you.
If the transition to proper nutrition did not help, and bloating continues to torment you, you should undergo a course of treatment with medicinal herbs. A great cure for flatulence is dandelion. Take two tablespoons of dried roots. Fill with warm water (200 ml.). Drink the infusion every six hours.
Parsley is also an excellent antiblutant. Prepare it in the same way and apply orally five times a day. Strong flatulence can be eliminated with dill oil. Prepare a solution: for one part of the seeds of dill ten parts of water. Should be taken before the morning and evening meals.
If abdominal bloating is difficult, you can use frayed carrot seeds. This folk remedy relieves the symptoms of the disease almost instantly. Rowan has a good effect. Flatulence, as a rule, recedes, if in the morning and in the evening to take a mixture of mountain ash, mint, valerian and dill. Components poured boiling water and kept for a day. Then take a hundred grams.
Chamomile also has many beneficial properties. Boil the plant with boiling water, cool and drink at least three times a day at regular intervals. Use garlic. It has a beneficial effect on the stomach, reduces bloating. The tool can be purchased in the form of ready-made additives or cook yourself from fresh garlic. This may be garlic soup in chicken broth.
Treatment of flatulence with medicinal herbs is better than treatment with medications. Besides the fact that they have a great effect, they have practically no contraindications. The only drawback is the efforts that must be made to prepare one or another decoction or tincture.

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