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How to store feces?

Irina Kiparenko
Irina Kiparenko
November 11, 2014
How to store feces?

The study of feces makes it possible to establish the violation of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, the inflammatory process, spastic colitis, the accelerated passage of food through the stomach. In order for the analysis to be accurate and correct, it must be properly stored until it is transferred to the laboratory.


Before collecting a stool test, it is advisable for the patient to urinate into the toilet, then by natural stool into a pot or other containers to collect feces (to see that they are not contaminated with urine or secretions from the genitals). The analysis of feces is collected in a sterile container.

If the feces are collected in dishes taken not in the Diagnostic Center, then it should be collected in the amount of about two tablespoons in a clean, dry dishes, which has a wide neck and is made of light glass with a lid.

How to prepare for the study?

Three days before collecting feces for research, it is necessary to postpone taking medications that affect the secretory functions,aggravating peristalsis of the intestinal tract, changing the color of feces (laxatives, enzyme preparations, vago- and sympathicotropic drugs, bismuth, iron, barium preparations, activated carbon and other sorbents).


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