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How to store garlic?

Alexandra Bychkova
Alexandra Bychkova
July 26, 2012
How to store garlic?

Even the Romans and the ancient Greeks spoke of the miraculous, tonic property of garlic, so the soldiers during the military campaigns must have eaten it. Garlic is an ideal condiment for meat, especially lamb and beef. It is used in the preparation of salads, sauces, sausages, fish, in canning. And it is tasty and very useful. The enormous healing properties of garlic are explained by its exceptional chemical composition: it contains about 26% carbohydrates, 6% protein, 20 mg ascorbinka, as well as compounds that have a therapeutic effect when eating garlic in its raw form. Garlic has the strongest bactericidal action. Eat both young leaves and teeth. Garlic is also used in pickling vegetables and mushrooms.

There are two types of garlic - winter and spring. The names "winter" and "spring" characterize the dates of planting garlic, and, consequently, the terms of harvesting and storage of its fruits.

How to store winter garlic

Garlic is usually harvested when the leaves of the plant are already dry.As a rule, the harvesting period of winter garlic falls on the end of July - the beginning of August. Characteristic signs of ripening of winter garlic are the cracking of the inflorescence; in plants with arrows removed, there is a full yellowing of the leaves. If you delay with the cleaning of garlic, then the scales covering the onion will burst and it will crumble to the teeth. Such garlic is not suitable for storage. After digging, the garlic is dried for two weeks in an open dry place, in rainy weather it must be cleaned into the room.

How to store garlic spring

Spring garlic is harvested with full drying and yellowing of the leaves - usually from August 20 to September 10. Garlic is taken from the soil and laid out for a week in a garden bed for complete drying. Then collected in baskets and cut. The length of the left stem of the plant after cutting is 4-5 cm. After that, the garlic bulbs are put in storage, and it can be stored in a warm (17-18C) and cold (1-3C) way. It is convenient to store garlic, braiding heads with dry sprigs in a pigtail, which can then be hung in a cool place.

Now there are modern methods of how to store garlic.It is usually stored in cool, ventilated rooms in baskets, boxes or bags of mesh fabric at a temperature of about + 18 C. Previously, garlic was eaten only fresh - picked from the bed or taken from storage. Thanks to dehydration methods, garlic is now also served in a dry form - in the form of small pieces, granules or powder, while the seasoning itself does not suffer from this.


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