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How to straighten naughty hair without ironing

Smooth silky curls look beautiful and natural. But what to do if the hair is curled with inconceivable waves, reminding the head of the brilliant Albert Einstein?

The cute young girl in the photos tried all the hair straightening tools that she learned about in salons and on the Internet. The fact is that an ordinary hair straightener really dries your hair, and as a result, split ends are formed. Finally, the method that works was found! In addition, it is very simple. First you need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and comb.

A small amount of keratin lotion for hair that does not require rinsing should be distributed evenly on the strands.

Moroccan argan oil is expensive, but worth it! Apply a little oil to your hair.

Now you need a brush for hair, elastic, a lot of pins and a hair net. It can be replaced by a conventional cotton kerchief.

You need to brush your hair and part with the left side, then ...

... smoothly comb the right side, tightly stretching the strands, and stab the entire length.

When the hair on the right side is stabbed, you need to divide the hair on the left side into 2 parts, front and back.

Secure the front strand of hair with a rubber band, and comb the back toward the forehead and to the right side, pulling tight and stabbing along the entire length.

After that, you can remove the gum and comb the rest of the hair on the left side of the head to the right, to stab.

Hair neatly and tightly combed and stabbed. It now remains to cover the head with a mesh and wait for the hair to completely dry, about 3-5 hours.

The hair is dry, you can remove the hairpins and comb your hair.

Hair is light, straight, healthy and silky. Excellent result, and no thermal fixtures required!


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