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How to switch internet speed

To find out exactly which tariffs are available to you, visit the provider's website, call its support service, or read the promotional materials. Choose among the presented tariff plans the one that suits you both in speed and cost. It must be unlimited.
If the provider provides a personal account service, you can switch the speed without contacting a consultant. Go to the official website of the provider, select the “Personal Account” menu item, enter the login and password provided to you (these data can be specified in the subscription agreement), then go to the “Tariffs” section, select the desired one and activate it ( how to do this depends on the organization of the interface of the site).
In the absence of a personal account, call the support service. Tell the consultant that you are going to change the tariff plan, and tell which one.What is the surname, name and patronymic. Then either dictate your passport information, or notify the code word specified in the contract. Wait for the notification of the tariff change. Check if the speed has really switched (i.e., has become more or less).
It is beneficial for some subscribers to get unlimited internet access at low speed, only occasionally increasing it. For this, a number of providers provide a service to temporarily switch to a higher speed. Having paid for such a tariff option, you can accept or transfer the specified amount of data at a higher speed, after which it will return to the original one. Log in to your personal account with a username and password, and then select a menu item called “Turbo Button”, “Prolong Speed” or similar. Choose exactly what amount of data you need to download, and at what speed, and then activate the option (how to do this depends on the organization of the site interface). You can also order this service from mobile operators using USSD commands directly from the phone keypad, for example, in MegaFon: * 105 * 906 #. Note that some providers and operators do not transfer the amount of data ordered for this service to the next month.

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